Happy Halloween

I wish I could say this is Poppy, I really do. Sadly, I lack the creativity, skill at painting dog faces, and inclination to do so. Still, as far as Halloween costumes go, I think this one takes the biscuit.

Happy Halloween everyone!


PS: can’t credit this photo unfortunately – it was sent to me via email by a friend.

What gives, mother nature?

Seriously, what gives?

There are plenty of green-thumbed-mother-earth types out there. I say this with envy because I, sadly, am not one of them. Most house plants I’ve owned (they have been few and far between) have withered and died within seconds of entering my home. This includes a cactus. Yes, I overwatered it.

But still, I figured that outdoor plants are resilient, even if they are potted plants. So, as long as I keep them watered and in the sunshine, they’ll be fine, right? Continue reading

Introducing the newest member of the editing team

Hello again!

Right this is the proper return to the blog. This time it’s for reals, guys.  The Book is finished, I’m taking one last pass at it before it gets shipped out to Beta Readers. Which means that I am putting an end to my time as a recluse and shall be putting the social back into social media.

Also, I wanted to introduce you to the latest addition to the household. Now, some of you might remember that our two cats (Blue Cat and Green Cat) take a very active role in my writing. And while no one could do a better job of cutting the circulation in my legs as I write, or of staring judgementally at my writing, I needed another pair of hands. You see, The Book is quite lighthearted and tongue in cheek. Dare I say it, at times even funny (god I hope people agree or this could be really awkward). So I felt like I needed someone with expertise on fun and silliness (while the cats are discerning when it comes to adverbs and improper use of punctuation, they’re not so good with the funny).

Enter Poppy. She is seven months, and totally bonkers. You’ll notice that the fur around her eyes is lighter. Yes, our little Popster was born with built-in eye shadow. How’s that for fabulousness!


Continue reading