Introducing the newest member of the editing team

Hello again!

Right this is the proper return to the blog. This time it’s for reals, guys.  The Book is finished, I’m taking one last pass at it before it gets shipped out to Beta Readers. Which means that I am putting an end to my time as a recluse and shall be putting the social back into social media.

Also, I wanted to introduce you to the latest addition to the household. Now, some of you might remember that our two cats (Blue Cat and Green Cat) take a very active role in my writing. And while no one could do a better job of cutting the circulation in my legs as I write, or of staring judgementally at my writing, I needed another pair of hands. You see, The Book is quite lighthearted and tongue in cheek. Dare I say it, at times even funny (god I hope people agree or this could be really awkward). So I felt like I needed someone with expertise on fun and silliness (while the cats are discerning when it comes to adverbs and improper use of punctuation, they’re not so good with the funny).

Enter Poppy. She is seven months, and totally bonkers. You’ll notice that the fur around her eyes is lighter. Yes, our little Popster was born with built-in eye shadow. How’s that for fabulousness!


We rescued her after she was found with her six brothers and sisters, being bred for meat here in Hong Kong. Isn’t that crazy, I mean look at that little face! Who would be deranged enough to want to eat such a gorgeous girl, that’s what I want to know!

We heard about her, saw this hilarious photo of her with her wonky paws, and completely melted. And since I had an available slot on the editing team, well it seemed like a perfect match.


Now, of course there has been some tension. The cats, understandably, were less than pleased to find a newcomer treading on their territory.

And you know how territorial the publishing world can be. Trad vs Indie, Hachette vs Amazon…Blue Cat and Green Cat vs Poppy…..Publishing wars can last for a long time. There’s been growling, hissing, barking, swiping of claws…I tell you, these publishing wars are rough.

Luckily, we have reached an entente cordiale when the cats realised that Poppy provides them with two pretty cool perks: new, food in the house (do cats normally eat dog food? Because Green Cat, little fattie that he is, will not leave Poppy’s bowl alone), and something that is constantly wagging, for them to play with….


So now that we have a cat and pup truce, the writing is back on track, and I do believe that my little editing team is stronger than ever!



24 thoughts on “Introducing the newest member of the editing team

  1. Welcome back and what a lighthearted way to make your re-entry with Poppy. I LOVE that name; it just sounds fanciful 🙂

    I don’t think you have to worry about Book = Funny since this post alone gave me several smiles and chuckles.



    • There’s actually a convoluted story behind her name. We have Blue Cat and Green Cat, so we thought, logic dictates that she be called Red Dog. But that’s not very feminine. So we got her a red collar and called Poppy since poppies are red 😉

      And thank you for the vote of confidence on the book, I’m really hoping people find it fun and entertaining!

      It’s lovely to be back properly actually, I’m just starting to catch up with everyone’s blogs and I’m realising that I’ve really missed this!!


  2. Welcome back, Celine! I’m so happy to hear that you’ve finished your book; I can hardly wait til it’s published 🙂 Congrats on the new addition! She’s absolutely adorable, though I am sure that you chose her for her editing skills and not just for her looks 😉


    • Hi Kelli! So good to hear from you! I’ve got your blog open in another tab actually, so I can go check it out in a mo. I was just wondering whether you’ve done your trip to France yet and it seems you have! I can’t wait to read about it 🙂

      You’re absolutely right, Poppy was rigorously vetted for her editing skills, and she passed with flying colours 😉 Nothing like an editor who jumps all over you and licks your toes to get a book moving swiftly along


  3. Great to see you back, Celine. 🙂 That’s fantastic that you finished your book, congratulations! I cannot wait to read it. And I love that blurry wagging tail…so cute! I’m sure she will be a very kind-hearted editor. 🙂


    • Oh thanks Sue! I’m so excited that it’s slowly becoming more and more real, I can’t wait for it to be out in the world…

      Poppy is a very kind hearted editor indeed, especially if I happen to have treats on hands – then let me tell you, her enthusiasm for my writing knows no bounds!


  4. Hey Celine, congrats on finishing your book! WOW! It’s exciting! ❤
    I love the newest addition to your editorial team…complete with built-in eye shadow? How cool is that!
    And it seems that the other members have welcomed her with open arms!


    • Thanks Michelle! I’m looking forward to the next stage and hopefully to seeing it out in the world!
      Are you doing NaNo in November?

      Yes pup and cats get along reasonably well now when she doesn’t decide to go mental and chase them around the apartment 😉


  5. Good for you saving that pup! I have three dogs one is from a shelter (they told me she was found on the street) and one I found on the street. My alpha dog wars are still active but I love those little trouble makers. Great luck on the book!


      • She was recently a mother so I had to wait a few weeks before having her fixed which was just enough time for my other female dog to get in a fight with the new female. She is great around people if a bit too excited, but has little to no doggie social skills.
        But she’s happy, healthy, and filled with treats and people food 🙂 So I count it as a win!


  6. Aww, Poppy seems like a wonderful addition to your home. I know that my animals–three cats and a dog–fill my days with so much warmth and laughter. They’re great writing companions–even if one of the cats does try to knock my laptop off my lap so she can lie there from time to time. Hopefully everyone is getting along well soon enough!


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