A Day in the South of France – photo challenge

Eileen over at In My Playroom took part in a wonderful challenge a few weeks (or possibly even a few months) ago. The challenge was to take a photo every hour or so throughout the day and post them on the blog. Now I didn’t get tagged in that challenge, but I thought it seemed like a really fun way to be a bit more aware of my surroundings and to look for pretty things in the day to day, so I took part anyway.

I am cheating a little a lot, mind you, because this post — sadly — doesn’t reflect a normal day in my life. It was a day while I was back in the South of France, visiting my grandfather — and it was a lovely day! I’ll do a post of a normal day in Hong Kong soon though.

5.30am: Unable to sleep because of jet lag (there’s 7 hours between HK and France), I make the most of the early morning fresh air, and go sit out on the balcony to read my book (I’m re-reading The Phantom of the Opera)IMG_3950

7am: Heading out to buy the morning’s baguette. I am very excited.

IMG_3951 2

7.15: ok that’s not an hour later, but I have to post a photo of what is my favourite meal of the day. Petit déjeuner is ready — this time I had acacia honey rather than jam. For those who read my A to Z post, you’ll notice that the ceramic bowl is colourful, slightly cracked, and the baguette is nearly ready for dunking. My mother remains, as ever, unimpressed with my breakfast eating methods.

IMG_40029am: We head out to meander in the market

Photo a Day10am: We buy some figs and a cabas (Kelli, I’m tagging you here after we talked about figs a little while back for one of your A to Z posts. These were delicious!!)


11 am: pop into a second-hand furniture auction house and spy a pretty painting.

IMG_3970-00112pm: On the walk back we pass a pretty terracota couple


1pm: Lunch!! On the balcony, bien sur. Fresh ravioli a la daube (which is like slow cooked beef)

IMG_40302.30pm: We drive out to Gourdon, a village at the edge of the world. Or at least at the edge of a very precipitous cliff.


Here I am with my grandfather at the very edge of the village — the wall behind us is the one you can see at the rightmost edge of the village above.


3.30pm: A pretty candle shop and another shop selling perfume and eau de toilette.

IMG_3992 IMG_3993

4.30pm: We spot a fig tree growing out a wall (sadly the figs weren’t ripe). And since no trip to the South of France would be complete without some calissons and nougat, we make a pit stop at a little confiserie where they make it all by hand. They were delicious.

IMG_3990 IMG_3994

6pm: on the way home we stop by an old olive oil mill. When she was younger, my mother used to bring olives here from my grandparents’ olive trees. The old mill no longer works, but there’s a modern mill round back. Sadly it was already closed by the time we got there.


8pm: The table post dinner. I’m totally pooped after a long day and still completely jet lagged, so it’s an hour of reading for me before falling asleep.

IMG_3948So there you have, it a day in the South of France. I’ll do another post on Hong Kong soon — although not quite of a typical day or you’ll get lots of photos of my computer screen. Which, trust me, is even less entertaining than it sounds.

I’m tagging a few others bloggers who I think might enjoy this challenge. No obligation to take part if you don’t want to. And obviously if I didn’t tag you but you want to take part, do it anyway!

Sabina over at Victim to Charm.

Sammy at Bemuzin (I’m being selfish there Sammy. I want to see more of those beautiful landscape photos of yours!)

Sarah at The Old Shelter. Sarah, you may consider this the latest instalment in our challenge-off 😉

Kelli at Forty and Fantastique.

L. Marie at The Blog of L.Marie

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49 thoughts on “A Day in the South of France – photo challenge

  1. Lovely to see you day in France and look forward to seeing your ‘normal’ day at home.

    Photo an hour happens every month so you can join in again whenever you want to. I’ll be doing a series of posts for ‘a week in my life’ soon.


  2. Oh, man, you make me really want to visit this region! I have only been to Paris, but when I was in Europe I realised very quickly that I preferred the country regions to the big cities. I will try to do a post like this, though like you, a typical day would involve lots of shots of the computer screen. I’ll see how I go!


    • Paris is beautiful to visit, and I love it, but same, I much prefer spending time outside of it. I was near Nice which is where my family is from, and if you stay away from the super touristy areas, it’s beautiful.

      Looking forward to your post – feel free to cheat like I did and go for a non normal day though! 😉


  3. I love the photo of you and Grandad. I wish mine was still here💖. Thanks for throwing down the gauntlet and I will add this one to my list (I have 3 fun challenges now to do, and they all will fit nicely into upcoming projects). I also look firward to checking out your other challengees if I don’t already know them 😀


  4. Thanks for the nomination – your post is lovely. I will have to go some to match that. I’m just back from holiday or I could have used something there. That’s also left me loads to blog about, so it might be some time before I can take up the challenge. I really like the idea though – watch this space!


  5. What a lovely journey through Southern France! I really enjoyed the pictures. I love the olive oil mill, and the story of your mom. Magical. 🙂

    Thanks for tagging me! I might take part, but, like you, it won’t really be a typical day (hour six: here’s my computer…. again. 😉 ). I’m really looking forward to your Hong Kong pictures! 😀


  6. Well, that was a pretty intense day! You know? I can nearly smell the air. Enjoyed the report a lot.

    This is a fantastic challenge! I’ll be happy to take part. And I’m thinking: I’d like to do two post like you, one on something special and one on my usual day. I’ll have my holidays in Ireland in September then I’ll go back to work (yes, long holiday, I’m so lucky this year). Will you wait ’til then? 🙂


    • Ooh, holiday in Ireland sounds lovely!! I will absolutely wait till then for Ireland photos 🙂 Where are you going in Ireland?

      I plan to do a slightly special version of my usual day otherwise it would be: photo of dog walking, followed by photos of computer, followed by photo of dog walking, more computer photos, and then dog walking. And then lots of book photos. haha. Who says writers aren’t glamorous!! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ll be in Ireland from the 7th to the 15th of September with three friends. Can’t wait to go back to Dublin. Last year I only went for a weekend… although it was a weekend at a writing workshop and I had a crazy wonderful time.

        As for my usual working day, well, I can always show off my city, Verona (I walked all through the historical city center going to work )… which I’ll definitely do 😉


      • Ohh, your usual working day sounds amazing! And since you work above a bookstore and for a publisher, there’ll be no doubt loads of interesting stuff there to show off! 🙂

        You’ll have such a fab time in Ireland, same I’ve only been to Dublin for a weekend but I want to go back. I keep hearing so many wonderful things about it!


      • Well, actually, I’ve been to Dublin once a year for the past 17 years (gohs! I’ve never count those before!). Some ten years ago I lived and work in Dublin for almost one year. It feels like a second home to me 🙂


  7. What lovely photos! And what scrumptious meals! What a great day. (So sweet to see you and your grandpa.)

    Thank you for tagging me. Since I’ve cut back on posting and a typical day is not very exciting (from 7-12, I sit in front of the computer; 12:12:20 eat lunch; 12:30-11 p.m. sit in front of the computer, unless I break for errands or to meet a friend), I might have to pass on the challenge for now. But someday, I’ll do it!


    • Thank you ! 🙂

      Well if you ever have a special day with lots of lovely things to photograph, I hope we’ll get to see them on your blog one day. But I’m totally with you: my normal day is really not worth photographing. What would be amazing is if there was a way to get photos of the things we imagine throughout the day. Now THAT would make for an awesome blog post 😉


  8. Tu as de la chance, Celine ! I would love to grab one of of those delicious looking figs right now! And I am jealous of your breakfast and your walk to the boulangerie… I am already planning our next trip to France, even though it won’t be until next year! Thank you for including me in your list! Of course I’d like to do this challenge, although I’m not sure how exciting it will be. I’ll have to think hard about how to take some interesting photos. Maybe next week I’ll choose a day and give it a try 🙂


    • Oh exciting, that you have another trip to France coming up! I can’t wait to go back, whenever that may be.

      Looking forward to your photos – it is a bit of a challenge to find nice photos out of the day to day, although photos of a normal work day for you would probably be fascinating for most of us laymans!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I love the birds too — they’re done by a local artist the my grandfather loves.
      Sadly, I never lived in the South of France, although I spent all my summers there as a child. I do think one day in the future I’ll have to live there. It’s the perfect place to write in!

      Liked by 1 person

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