Some Incredibly Exciting News!

My book, The Viper and the Urchin is finished! It is now a Thing That Exists, and that Thing (or rather the ebook copy for now) is available for pre-order on Amazon at the very bargain pre-launch price of $0.99. It will be properly out in the world late July. To say that I’m excited is an understatement of epic proportion, and likewise about being nervous.

D’you want to see the cover? Here it is in all its full-sized glory:
assassin_fullWhat do you think, do you like it? It’s by Ravven, and I’m so pleased with it! And not just because of my very childish excitement at seeing my name on the cover.

The story’s steampunk but set in a world of my creation — the tropical city of Damsport. There’s a bit of mystery and humour thrown in there for good measure too. Here’s the blurb:

The Viper and The Urchin

Being Damsport’s most elegant assassin is hard work. There’s tailoring to consider, devilish poisons to concoct, secret identities to maintain… But most importantly, Longinus has to keep his fear of blood hidden or his reputation will be ruined. So, when a scrawny urchin girl threatens to expose his phobia unless he teaches her swordsmanship, he has no choice but to comply.

It doesn’t take long for Rory to realise that her new trainer has more eccentricities than she has fleas. But she’ll put up with anything, no matter how frustrating, to become a swordswoman like her childhood hero.

What she’s not prepared for is a copycat assassin who seeks to replace Longinus, and who hires Rory’s old partner in crime to do away with her, as well. Rory and Longinus must set their differences aside and try to work together if they’re to stop the copycat. But darker forces than they realise are at play, and with time running out, the unlikely duo find themselves the last line of defence against a powerful enemy who seeks to bring Damsport to its knees.

All very exciting stuff!

I actually wanted to ask you all for some help at this point. One of the most important things for a new book is word of mouth and early reviews. With that in mind I’m looking to give away a number of free advance copies of the ebook in exchange for an honest review. If you like the look and sound of the book, or if you’re feeling generous and want to help me out, I’d really love to send you a free copy. Just let me know in the comments or at

You can also read the first chapter here if you want to get a better feel for the story first.

Or, if you’d rather wait for it to come out next month, here are the links where you can find it:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

I have to admit writing this post really wasn’t easy – it’s an uncomfortable thing to put yourself out there and ask for help so publicly. I fretted and fussed over writing it, and then I remembered a piece of advice Carrie mentioned a while back: “you have to put on your big girl pants and get it done” (or something along those lines – I’m paraphrasing here.) So I put on the big girl pants and wrote the post. If you must know, my big girl pants aren’t that comfortable, but I’m slowly getting used to them…

50 thoughts on “Some Incredibly Exciting News!

  1. Congratulations! How excited you must be. The cover is fabulous and the premise intriguing. I wish you the best of luck with your launch. And thank you so much for the mention. I’ve been having to pull my big girl pants up a lot lately. 🙂

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    • Haha, I had to get you in there, I loved that line! 😉 And I really did have to have that little talk with myself, to tell myself to get over it and get the post published already…
      And thanks, glad you like the look of it all — I’m very excited indeed!

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  2. Yay! Congratulations! The cover is fantastic and the blurb sounds interesting. I look forward to reading it.

    For the record, I also hate asking for help. Big girl pants and me don’t get along. But I’m realizing more and more how I should be asking for help more often, and that it’s OK!

    Best of luck with your book release, Celine! I hope it’s a smash! 🙂


    • Yeah, it’s really tough isn’t it. That’s the hardest thing about being independent I think, it’s the fact that you really have to put yourself out there. But all that will hopefully be worth it if the book does well 🙂
      And thank you for the support, I’m so pleased you like the cover and premise 🙂


  3. Celine, I love everything about the book! Cover, story, voice, everything.
    I’d love to read and review it. I’m reading a book for a blog tour which also will happen in July, but as soon as I get this done, I can dive into your story. Is this acceptable for you? 🙂


    • Sarah, thank you!! I’m so very happy to hear that you like the look of the book so far – really means a lot.
      I’ll send you a copy by email then — and of course whenever you can read it is perfect, I’m just thrilled that you’d read it!!
      Sounds like you’re one busy blogger at the moment with challenges and blog tours galore! It’s great! 🙂


  4. CONGRATULATIONS !!!! You look mah-velous in your big girl pants, and I just know this is going to be a milestone accomplishment for you when you look back on it years from now.

    I’m so excited for you Celine. I have to wait (eagerly) for the print version because I can’t be on computer long enough for e-books (oh my poor aging eyes), but I will certainly post a review after I read it.


    • Haha, thanks Sammy – the big girl pants sometimes give me a wedgie (I’m going with the UK version of pants here, not the American one 😉 ) but I’m getting used to them…
      I really hope you’re right re the milestone! Whatever happens, I’m pleased with myself for putting myself and my writing out there. Let’s see how it goes. It’s proving to be quite a ride!
      And I’ll let you know as soon as the print version is ready – it shouldn’t be too long. I’m so excited for you to read it, I can’t wait to hear what you think! I do hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

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      • LOL I definitely wear the UK version of ‘panties’. Never could understand the allure of thongs and that constant wedgie feeling!!!

        It’s been rewarding to see quite a few of my blog buddies publish in the 1 1/2 years I’ve been blogging. i’m so proud of each of you💖


      • It definitely makes it easier to put ourselves out there when we have wonderfully supportive blogging friends like you Sammy 🙂 I don’t know how the do the emoticon that blows a kiss, so pretend it’s there 😉


    • Haha, I love that expression ‘tooting your own horn’. I think my horn is one of those old fashioned ones that bray, like the ones that used to be on cars at the start of the 20th century 😉


  5. Congratulations, Celine 😀 That’s wonderful news. The cover is AWESOME! I’d love to read it, so would be happy to do a review for you. If you’re also interested in an interview or a feature, I’m up for that too! Have a fabulous weekend and bask in the glory of how awesome it is to have your name on the cover 😉


    • Oh thanks Mel, that’s great! Very pleased to hear you want to read the book 🙂 If you email me at so I have your email, I’ll send you a copy of the ebook. I had a peek over at your blog but I couldn’t see your email (could be me being blind…) Do you read on a kindle or another e-reader by the way, so I know the kind of file to send you?

      And yes I would definitely be up to do an interview or feature – thank you for offering!! Let me know what you want to do and what you’d need from me.

      I think I’ll probably be basking in the excitement of having my name on the cover for a long time… Doesn’t matter how many times I look at it — it doesn’t get old! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t think it ever will, which is pretty great and guaranteed to put a smile on your face whenever you look at it 😉 That’s great news about the feature – I’ll email you now. Have a great weekend.


  6. Reblogged this on disregard the prologue and commented:
    Hey, guys! Celine Jeanjean has been a huge supporter of my work from the beginning, and it’s my pleasure to share the love. She’s looking for a few readers who might be interested in reading and reviewing her new book, which is available now for pre-order. If it looks like something you might be interested in, let her know! Early reviews are critical for new books, and hey, free books! Win-win. 🙂


  7. Congrats! Love the cover and the story concept. I’d be happy to review. If you’re still looking for reviewers, you can contact me using the email listed on my contact page on my website. I don’t usually post reviews on my blog, but I would post it to Amazon and Goodreads, if that works for you.


    • Thank you Denise!! Yes, I’d love for you to read and review the book, thank you for offering! I’ll email you a copy of ebook then 🙂 And reviews on Amazon and Goodreads would be absolutely perfect, thank you!


  8. Just finished reading my advance copy! What a page turner, the story is simply fabulous and I absolutely fell in love with the characters – especially Longinus’s little quirks and way with words.
    When will book 2 be ready please? In eagerly awaiting how the story is going to continue to unfold.
    Massive congratulations on a superb debut novel. You should be really proud of yourself
    Just placed my pre-order, every sale counts right? 🙂


    • Oh wow, thanks for such glowing feedback! You have totally made my day 😀 Book 2 is in the works, going to get it out as quick as I can 🙂
      thank you again, I’m so happy you enjoyed the story!!


  9. I have read your first chapter, Celine. Evocative. Somehow reminiscent of Joseph Conrad; not sure why, exactly. You have dipped into my curiosity. Send me a free e-copy, if you will. I will read it in my Kindle and be glad to write a review.

    Thanks, and best wishes for a best seller.


    • Well thank you Samantha, I’m so pleased you liked that first chapter – I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the book! I haven’t read Joseph Conrad yet, I have a copy of Lord Jim which I’ll get to as soon as I can. Very intrigued if you think my work reminds you of him!


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