Unusual words starting with a Y


One more A to Z day left guys! This is the last 100 meters, and as all last 100 meter stretches, it is by far the hardest.

I had nothing for Y. Zero. Zilch. Zip (Clearly I have a few Z words already lined up though!) I couldn’t think of a single usable Y word, until my brain pulled out “yodelling” from one of its recesses. No, don’t worry I won’t write a blog post about yodelling (although it is a lovely word, the kind that should be read out loud because it rolls ever so satisfyingly off the tongue). It did make me wonder about other random Y words and so today, I give you a post about interesting and weird Y words that you may not have come across before. These are not all official words (from the dictionary), some were plucked from the quagmire of the internet.

(I’m so glad, by the way, that the Y section of the dictionary is small, there is only so much time one can spend snuggled up with one’s dictionary.)

Yogibogeybox: This is a word invented by James Joyce in Ulysses (Which I have yet to read. *Adds to ever growing reading list*). As far as I can tell it refers to the tool(s) used by a spiritualist. The word is very Lewis Carroll or Dr Seuss, don’t you think? In fact, I imagine that’s what Dr Seuss would have called a lunchbox, and of course it would have contained Green Eggs and Ham. Continue reading

X is for Xtremely Powerful Photos That Capture The Human Experience

Never has the saying “a picture paints a thousand words” been so true as with the collection of photos I’d like to share with you today (I wish they were my photos, but they’re not).

Each photo is so full of emotion – some are big and explosive, some are small, intimate moments captured on film. Collected together these photos take us through the breadth of human emotions and experience, and it’s a touching journey to go through them all.

Here are a few of my favourites and you can go through the whole collection here

A North Korean waves at his South Korean brother after inter-Korean temporary family reunions.

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W is for Not Wasting Time

Sorry I’m late guys! Hours Days of my life have been sucked away into the Black Hole that is watching Game of Thrones, and I’m ashamed to say I *may* have forgotten about my W post this weekend. Can you blame me though?

The good news is, I’m all caught up now, which means I can have a life once more (and write timely blog posts).

Anyway, on with the show.

Today I wanted to share a quote with you that I’ve found invaluable as far as getting me motivated in the morning. I realise that having wasted most of a weekend watching the battles and politics of Westeros unfold, I am not the most qualified person to talk about not wasting time – or maybe I am, as a time wasting expert.

It’s so easy to get waylaid, to procrastinate, to find things that need doing. There’s always tomorrow, I’ll wait until Monday to start, I need this *perfect* situation (which never comes) to do what I need to do. We’ve all been there. Continue reading

V is for Views and Vistas of the Hong Kong New Territories

Over Easter, my husband and I spent the long weekend hiking up in Northern Hong Kong, in the New Territories. We did half of the Maclehose Trail, a huge 100k trail that crosses the whole of the New Territories from East to West. Some nutters athletes do this all in one go for the annual Trailwaker race. A friend of Will’s holds the record with his team for doing all 100k in just over 15hours. I know, I don’t get it either. It makes me want to lie down and have a snooze.

The hike was really good fun, and the views were breathtaking. On the first day we did 17k, on the second day 22k, and 16k on the third day (we had aimed for 28k but our legs gave out. Again how anyone does 100k in one go is beyond me). We climbed up around 1k of elevation a day, and descended about that much. I don’t know if what we climbed are big hills or small mountains. I’m going for small mountains because it sounds much more impressive.

What was incredibly though was the sheer variety of the views. At times it felt like we were going from one country to another, what we were seeing was so different.

We started off at High Island Reservoir, where the water was an incredible turquoise colour:


Doesn’t this look like it’s right out of a James Bond film? It could be part of Dr No’s lair.

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U is for Unleashing Creativity.

Yesterday I did something quite far out of my comfort zone: I went with a group of girls to a painting studio where we were each presented with a blank canvas, and told to unleash our creativity on it.

Now although I’m a creative person, I’m not a visual creative. I can’t draw for toffee and my painting is even worse. I can make up elaborate images in my mind but the only way I have ever been able to make them become a reality is by describing them.

The result of two and a half hours in the studio is a distinctly average painting, but it was a really interesting learning experience as far as creativity goes. It can be so easy to stop seeing the obvious when working with something familiar, stepping out into a different kind of creation can be a really good way to get yourself back to the basics. Continue reading

T is for Test (of the driving variety)

I hold my hands up in hang my head in shame – I am in my very (very) late twenties and I still can’t drive.

I grew up in London and moved to Hong Kong. I had no need for a car in London, I have even less of a need for a car in Hong Kong. Hence why I’ve done nothing to learn how to drive so far. At the same time though, I’m not in bad company. My favourite comedian Dara O’Briain didn’t learn to drive until he was 34. So I figure I have 5 years until it gets really embarrassing. I should *hopefully* be able to pass my test in the next 5 years but you never know. I might be that bad.

Anyway, it’s official, I’m finally doing something about it (and you know it’s official when it’s on the internet). I’ve signed up for driving lessons.

That’s driving lessons in Hong Kong. There’s probably going to be a session on how to toot your horn at everything that moves, and another on how to lurch around corners in a way that is guaranteed to make any passenger in the back carsick. So who knows what kind of driving skills I’ll finish up with, but at the very least I’ll have a piece of paper that says I can drive a car.

A piece of paper that I will promptly put away in a box and not look at again for years. But I’ll have it, and that’s worth something (I hope).

If you have any driving lessons advice – please share, as I will no doubt need a LOT of advice (I fear I may turn out to be a pretty poor driver, and every little bit helps). Otherwise, here is one of my favourite sketches from Dara O’Briain on what it’s like to learn to drive in your thirties.

I am praying that I have accumulated a bedrock of confidence that will allow me to deal with having someone beep their horn at me if I stall the car. So far, said bedrock of confidence is cowering in a corner somewhere and I can’t find it. I will report back after my first lesson (steady on, I’ve only just signed up, haven’t had time for a lesson yet. Need to psyche myself up first!)

Have you got any funny / bad stories from your early driving days? If so please share – mainly so I can feel better when I mess it all up once out and on the road!

S is the title of an incredible book, and one that might be spelling the future of physical books.

I received two books for my birthday, the first one a beautiful collection of Sherlock Holmes’s stories, the second the book is from an AMAZING friend, and it’s called S. Has a book ever leant itself more perfectly to the A to Z challenge? S is a book co-created by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst. But wait, it’s no ordinary book. DSC_0003 Continue reading

R is for Reading

Not very original – I know. I’m quite curious actually to see what others have said in their R is for Reading posts, as I imagine there will be quite a few!

Up until recently, I never used to understand people who didn’t have the time to read. Maybe it’s because I grew up without a TV but I read all the time. And I do mean all the time. When I was younger my mother would have to call me several times to come down for dinner, and I’d walk downstairs still reading. I’d sneak the book onto my lap, and eat and read until I got told to put the book away during dinner. So I’d balance it on the radiator behind me, and crane my neck to carry on reading in between mouthfuls. Continue reading

Q is for Quantum Leap in Follows (and an invitation to promote your blog/book/art/whatever as a thank you)

This is a bit of a tenuous link to the letter Q, but I’m going with it.

This weekend marks the 1month anniversary of this blog (yay!), and after writing yesterday’s post I decided to pop over and check out my blog stats. I’ve purposefully kept away, because there is nothing more depressing than looking at a big fat zero under the “follower” heading. So, imagine my surprise to find that I had broken the 60 followers mark (Quantum Leap! There’s the tenuous Q link 😉 ) So a big, BIG thank you to all of you who follow and take the time to stop by and read/comment. I love hearing from you, and it’s been a fantastic way to discover new people and new blogs too.

To celebrate my one month blogiversary (is that a thing?), I wanted to give something back to you all as a little thank you for sticking with me for my first month. Continue reading

P is for People – which is what social media is all about

I don’t know about you but social media can seem intimidating at first. Especially for introverted / shy (by no means the same thing) writers. Getting out there even in a virtual space and talking to strangers is pretty daunting. The idea of promoting oneself online can be toe curlingly awkward (it is for me anyway). But as writers we’re all going to have to do it, those books aren’t going to sell themselves.

So when I found this blog post by Amanda Palmer about Twitter, and this one line in particular, it made all the difference (She has a million followers, by the way, the girl knows what she’s talking about). More than that, it dispelled all the scary.  The line was this: Continue reading