8 thoughts on “A quick update on all things book…

  1. Looking forward to Rory’s story. And book 3 of course. And the Victorian Gothic sounds delicious. I really like the idea of releasing the cliffhanger and sequel close to each other. I am not a fan of cliffhangers, but if I know the next book is will be available soon, I won’t consider it to be a cliffhanger.

    I really enjoy your video updates!


    • Thanks Riley, that’s good to hear!
      I’m definitely going to try/aim to release the two parts of the Victorian Gothic in close succession so the cliffhanger in the middle isn’t too bad. I don’t want to disappoint anyone!!
      And of course you’ll know as soon as the other Rory and Longinus books are ready 😉


    • Yay! I’m excited for the Rory prequel to get out in the world actually 😀 And the rest of course, but it’s further away… How about you by the way, what are you working on at the moment?


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