A quick catch up

*creeps out of writing cave, blinking into the light*

Well hello!

I’m feeling rather bad because I haven’t done much on the blogging front for the last month or so, and I’m feeling a little  very unworthy of my Readership Award. Sorry guys.

The thing is that writing is going really well at the moment. Like REALLY well. It’s the writing equivalent of gambolling through a field of poppies under a blue sky. It’s awesome and exhilerating. It’s fun. I’m leaping out of bed in the mornings, hurrying to the computer so I can begin my day’s writing. And most of all, I’m happy with what I’m writing, which is as rare and precious an occurrence as a sunny day in England. And they are rare and precious indeed!

Anyway, I’m making hay while the sun shines. The difficulties will inevitably come back, the insecurity and all the rest, and that’s fine: it’s part and parcel of being a writer. But for now I want to enjoy this time and make the most of it and so I’m writing all the time. Literally. I write all day, most evenings and on weekends. When I’m not writing I’m reading as voraciously as I can, dissecting the masters and trying to learn all I can. And when I’m not reading or writing I’m thinking about The Novel, leaving myself voice memos on my phone, and scribbling notes into notepads.

It leaves me with very little time for other things, including this blog; I don’t remember the last time I checked Twitter. I feel so out of the loop! Getting me to put my writing aside is about as easy as coaxing a badger out of its set. But hopefully it will be all worth it when I have an awesome book out there in the world. I’m going to try and have it finished by early next year which is so close it’s quite scary! And so much to do still!

Wish me luck, cos I’m going to need it.

And on that quick note, I’m returning to my writing cave (or to my badger set!). Speak to you soon!

PS: I’ve always thought that badger sets would be rather like hobbit holes, with little comfy chairs and brightly painted wooden tables. And badgers smoking calabash pipes, and drinking tea. That’s what my imaginary writing cave is like.

18 thoughts on “A quick catch up

  1. It’s always a trade off, isn’t it? I started my blog to keep my research notes for genealogy in one place, but the blog itself has distracted me from my research. It’s probably best to just focus on what feels right at the time. I’m very glad to hear you’re in a fruitful stage! Keep going, don’t worry about us. We’ll be here when you come back.


    • Aw thank you!
      And yes I totally agree, if something is going well it makes sense to go with it. I went through a phase when I was quite addicted to blogging, it’s fun isn’t it? Glad to hear you’re having so much fun with it!


    • Hahaha right – oh! I actually have comments enabled so they flash up on my phone at the moment, I’ll be disabling it again as of tomorrow morning though. Too distracting otherwise, but tonight I’m being sociable 🙂
      I’m keeping The Book under wraps for now, although it’s a cross between steampunk and fantasy. But once it’s further along I might share some snippets on the blog.


  2. Un petit mot en francais après tout ces commentaires en anglais…
    Le bouquin c.est bien mais le blog pour tes vieux parents qui sont toujours à la recherche de nouvelle c’est mieux…….
    Toujours un plaisir de te lire.


    • Ah et bien ça me fait toujours plaisir de recevoir un petit commentaire en français! Je vais essayer de le remettre à blogger plus souvent, il fait que ça fasse autant partie de ma routine que d’écrire. Bisous Maman!


  3. I love that place of writing, writing, writing. I find social media harder when the words are pouring out, too. I think it’s because I have a limited tolerance for social interaction, and almost none for conflict – and, of course, my characters have many social interactions, and there wouldn’t be much of a story without conflict in abundance…

    And then there are these three people I live with, who call me things like wife and Mom, and have a right to more than grunts from me…

    I just trust and hope people will understand when I occasionally disappear…I’m not gone forever, only off having an out-of-reality experience….

    I hope you and your maman don’t mind that I had a lot of fun laboriously translating your conversation en francais!


  4. Hi Celine 🙂

    In spite of what you told me, I like your blog, is simple and easy to use. Yeah, the background might be a little mhmm… but that’s an easy fix.

    It’s great that you’re going so steady with your writing. Say, are you doing the NaNo?


    • Well thank you! 🙂 Yeah the background needs a change, I’m going to get to that this weekend hopefully.

      I think I am going to do NaNo to draft book 2, as now book 1 is almost finished and about to go to Beta Readers!
      How about you?


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