Legacies and Ray Bradbury

I just finished reading Fahrenheit 451 (now there’s a gem of a book if there ever was one). There was a particular quote towards the end which reminded me of this post over at Andra Watkin’s blog, The Accidental Cootchie Mama. It’s about photographer Wynn Bullock’s legacy (the post, not the quote), and then about legacies in general and that desire we all have to leave something of ourselves behind.

Ray Bradbury sums this up so beautifully that I thought I would share this quote with you all. I found it quite moving, not least because it perfectly encapsulates why I write, and why we all do what we do. Continue reading

On Connecting With Other Writers

Writing used to be my dirty little secret, something I kept hidden as though I was a teenage boy flipping through smutty magazines. It felt as though if anyone found out that I *gasp* wrote stories, they would immediately have to cut me out of their life for this disgusting little habit. So I trundled on alone, hidden in my metaphorical broom closet, and I firmly believe that I never finished anything because a dirty little secret is not a strong enough motivation to warrant the dedication and discipline that a book needs.

I had no support, no accountability. Without interacting with other writers, I had no way to know that others were going through the same things as I was, the same frustrations, the same doubts (or in some cases the same ridiculous – but fun- daydreams. Yes, I have acted out a speech for the oscar winning screenplay I wrote based on my best selling novel. I have yet to finish a novel and I don’t plan on ever writing a screenplay, but it was highly entertaining procrastination!).

And similarly without some sort of accountability, such as publishing regularly on this blog, entering my word count over at Camp NaNo, producing short pieces for my critique group, I got lazy, disheartened, life would get in the way, my dog would eat my homework, you get the drift. Continue reading

On Bayon

For my second day of the A to Z challenge, I have another set of photos – this is in danger of becoming a theme!

Living in Hong Kong I’m incredibly blessed to have South East Asia on my doorstep. There are exotic destinations and fascinating new countries waiting to be discovered just a short plane ride away. I thought I would share one of my discoveries with you – Bayon Temple.

This is one of the many temples in Cambodia, near the infamous Angkor Wat. It’s a buddhist temple, and it looks like a cluster of stone towers, each supporting 3 or 4 enormous smiling faces of buddha. We went there for the sunrise, arriving in the dark of night when it was pitch black, and sitting alone in the middle of the temple (everyone else was at the more famous Angkor Wat) As the sun rose, the stone faces appeared all around us, smiling down on us, with the pink sky in the background. It was an incredible experience.

It’s one of the most peaceful, tranquil places I have ever been and I absolutely loved it – it was my favourite temple in Cambodia (and there are a lot!) Continue reading