My first video ever!

So I recorded a video. It’s on youtube, Out In The World. Which is pretty exciting! (and a tad nervous-making) I’ve decided to try my hand at keeping a youtube channel as a substitute to blogging, which just hasn’t been happening of late. And from my first effort, I’m liking the more informal format compared to blogging, which bodes well. This one is just a little intro with a bit of a an overview on what I write (other than Rory and Longinus stories) and why I write what I write. There’s going to be more forthcoming, but if you have any questions or requests for me you can let me know and I’ll do a video about it!

Hope you enjoy 🙂 (and if you want to subscribe, you can do so here:

15 thoughts on “My first video ever!

  1. Great job on your first video! This is something I’ve also considered doing, but haven’t been sure it’s worth the emotional stress it will cause me. 😉 You should post a link to your channel on Youtube so we can subscribe. 😀


    • Glad you liked it! I felt pretty fine with it being out there at the time, but now the realisation that people are actually watching it is sinking in and I feel oh so awkward!! lol. Thank god for time differences, I’m off to bed now so I can forget about it for a bit 😉

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  2. Well, that was nice. I think you fared really well.

    You know, I’ll never ever ever do a video. Never. First I can’t speak proper English. Second, my accent is so strong people wouldn’t understand anything, anyway 😉
    And honestly, I can’t stand to speak in front of a camera.

    But I think you did well to do it. Vlogs are getting very popular and I think they are indeed more informal and kind of easier to do than a blog, since you can let your words coming the way you want, like a in.person chat.

    An applause to you!!!!


    • Oh no, I think the Italian accent is beautiful! It would make excellent videos, too. I wish I had a French accent actually 🙂

      But yeah the camera thing is weird. Looking into the camera of my laptop was odd and not very comfortable. I’m hoping I’ll get used to it though. At the moment I’m not making that much eye contact, lol!

      And I’ll take a bow to that applause 😉 I’m pretty relieved that people think it was ok, I got pretty nervous after I hit ‘publish’!!

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    • Haha – well some people love it so it seemed harsh to just call it crap 😉 And I have lovely friends who are actuaries (and my father in law is an actuary) it just REALLY wasn’t for me, lol!

      And thank you! The funny thing is that the recording was far far easier than the putting out in the world 🙂


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