Of Course You Realise… about the prevalence of theft among penguins

It’s a bit of a random title, I know. I wanted to introduce you guys to a another series of blog posts I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but first I have to tell you a little story about ‘Of Course You Realise’, which is going to be the name of the series.

I was 22, and my new boyfriend (now husband) was taking me down to Cornwall to see his parents for the first time. On the way, we stopped to have tea with the Hubs’ godfather, Talbot. We weren’t there for long, but in that short time Talbot told me about his time in the theatre, about when he was a physchiatric nurse, and then a tapestry weaver, and what it was like to work with an old fashion spinning wheel. As if all that wasn’t interesting enough, Talbot’s life partner had been John Lennon, cousin to the John Lennon you’re thinking of. Talbot quite possibly remains one of the coolest people I’ve ever met.

Very sadly, Talbot passed not long after, and I never got to meet him again. But my family-in-law often mention him, and one things that keeps coming up is how much he liked to talk about topics that interested him, so that if something came up in conversation, he’d say “Well, of course you realise –” and thenΒ reveal an entire wealth of knowledge on the subject or recount some fascinating anecdote.

Now I don’t for a moment pretend to have Talbot’s extensive knowledge, but I do have something else: an addiction to googling things. Every so often I lose myself in a vortex as I click through website after website and read random articles about all sorts of things. Don’t get me wrong, not all of it is highbrow (if you look at my last google search it was ‘Charlie Hunnam Height’. If you must know it’s because I love Guillermo Del Toro so I was googling his latest film, Crimson Peak, in which Charlie Hunnam stars, and through a very logical progression of thought, I wondered how tall he was), but some of it is quite interesting.

So I thought I’d share with you the interesting and random tidbits I come across during my googling. And I’ll start as Talbot did, by telling you “Well guys,Of Course You Realise….

….That thieving is rife among penguins. Seriously.

I can’t remember how I came across this video, but brace yourself for a look at greed and corruption amongst the penguin population during nest building season…

I love the cold, over the shoulder glance the thieving penguin gives!Β And the fact that it isn’t an accident, he’s clearly waiting for the other one to leave before stealing stones. He’s a proper, hard core thief!


33 thoughts on “Of Course You Realise… about the prevalence of theft among penguins

  1. I have to be careful when I do research for my writing. I go to look one thing up, and one link leads to another leads to another and so on and so on. Before I know it, my writing time is over! As for those penguins, I think I’ll keep a good eye on my purse when I go to the zoo from now on…


    • I know, and the worse thing is that it feels like you’re doing work so it’s so easy to fall into that trap and get no writing done!
      Definitely be wary of those sneaky penguins, that cute bumbling walk is probably just an act to lure us all into a false sense of security πŸ˜‰

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  2. Of course you realize you will probably run into me and a few other intrepid bloggers as it seems we have the same wanderlust in cyberspace. “Ooh look, there’s an interesting link. Ooh look …”


  3. Haha I love this! I feel bad for the poor penguin doing all the work, but then have to laugh at the thieving penguin’s moxy. Great find and great story about your godfather in-law. He sounds like an amazing guy.


    • Absolutely! In fact, I believe the internet was created specifically so we could google random things and look at pictures of kittens or videos of penguins for when we need distracting. πŸ˜‰


  4. There are people who are walking treasure, don’t you think? When they die, it’s like a librery burning down.
    But I like that you’re remembering your father-in-law by doing what he liked to do πŸ™‚

    And I love the video. Though, to be honest, how could I ever call ‘criminals’ these sweet chubsters? I think penguins are the cutest animals in the world! πŸ™‚


    • Talbot really was one of those people, even from the brief time I met him. It’s nice to make a little hommage to him with this – although it’s vastly inferior to the kind of knowledge he had!
      I agree, penguins are so cute – I love the way they walk! But the look on the thieving penguin’s face — when he turns and glances over his shoulder at his victim. Priceless!!

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  5. I love documentaries on penguins but don’t remember seeing this clip before, brilliant! And I love your Charlie Hunnam/ Guillermo Del Toro story – it’s a classic example of the random things we end up googling and passing time on πŸ™‚


  6. That certainly gives a different image of penguins then the one we get watching the movie “Happy.”

    Cute video.
    And, of course you realize, I also love to look up weird facts or ideas on the Internet. Surprisingly, I sometimes find really bits of news and interesting facts at a site that I didn’t think would pan out for anything but a waste of time. πŸ™‚


  7. This is awesome! I am really looking forward to reading these! I love your story, and I think this “series” will fit in divinely with your blog title πŸ™‚ Of course you realize that you are enticing your readers who are susceptible to such things (me) to spend even *more* time…errr…”researching” random stuff like penguin thieves (Hilarious!) when there may (or may not) be more important things that need doing. Like sleeping. Or cleaning the house. Or organizing the basement. Hmmm. (researching for what? I’m not a book writer! So…in my case it may be labeled “time-wasting” πŸ˜‰ )


    • Haha! Who needs a clean house? Or sleep? Or work or a social life for that matter? Not when there’s stuff to be googled ;-p Glad you like the series, it’s a bit of an experiment at this stage, but I already have a couple of things lined up that I think are pretty cool!
      That penguin video cracked me up – that little guy is so mischievous!

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  8. Cheeky little criminal but quite funny really! Of course you realise that it is only by checking out the web that we come by these interesting little gems … Uncle Talbot sounds like such a gem!
    Thanks Celine, delightful … πŸ™‚


    • Uncle Talbot was an absoute gem, it’s such a shame I never got to know him better.
      When I find that kind of funny or interesting nugget, I do feel a little validated in wasting as much time as I do googling things.


  9. That video made me laugh out loud!!! I also love that over-the-shoulder look. Priceless! Thieving penguins! What a great piece of information!
    I am a Googler myself, so I understand your addiction. I also have a YouTube addiction.


    • I know, it’s amazing isn’t it? I love how deliberate he is too, waiting for his victim to be out of sight!
      Youtube is another massive time suck, but it’s brilliant. It’s so dangerous how it loads up recommended videos automatically after you’re done with one though. I’ve wasted hours like that!


  10. This sounds like a great idea for a series, Celine! πŸ™‚
    You never know what trivia could lead to good story ideas… for example, a fantasy-based story on thieving amongst penguins… there’s all sorts of possibilities… πŸ˜€


  11. Who is the impostor narrating? There’s only one person who can take up that role and we all know what that is: ATTENBOROUGH!


    • Oh no! I didn’t realise there was an original Attenborough video out there, I couldn’t find it 😦 that’ll teach me to doubt his Attenboroughness wouldn’t cover something so amazing


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