Opinion Poll

I wanted to get all of your opinions on a series of blog posts I’ve been thinking of doing. It occurred to me that most writers do a lot of research as part of their writing process, and generally on quite varied topics. I don’t know about you, but I always love finding out random facts about things — it’s part of what makes A to Z so much fun.Β 

So I thought it might be cool to do a series of interviews with writers to talk about what cool things they uncovered while doing research for their book(s).Β What do you think, would that be of interest?Β 



24 thoughts on “Opinion Poll

  1. That would be awesome!! I know there have been plenty of times I’ve researched my topics and have discovered things that I wanted to put in my book but realized it didn’t fit due to timeline discrepancies. Definitely do it. I’m sure we’ve all have interesting answers.


  2. Yes, definitely! I love reading about other writers’ processes and habits, in part because it gives me some excellent ideas, but in equal part because I’m just nosy. Or shall we call it curious? Yes, that sounds a bit less obnoxious. Let’s go with curious.


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