M is for…. Mouse

*The theme for my A to Z is Childhood Stories. Some are real, some are embellished, some are downright fictional but are based on the kind of things I imagined when I was younger.*

I’m guessing most of you reading this had a toothfairy come to take your milk teeth from under your pillow when you were growing up (or if you didn’t please tell me what creature you had!). In France, we have a little mouse (La P’tite Souris).

Now the problem with La P’tite Souris is that unlike the toothfairy, she doesn’t have wings. Which presented me with quite the conundrum when I lost my first milk tooth. You see, my bed had legs (hence space for goblins to hid beneath it), and for a little mouse, it really was quite high up. I was VERY concerned that La P’tite Souris might not be able to make the climb.

My bed was wrought iron too, so the legs were smooth and there was nothing she could hold on to with her paws to help her climb. I was really very worried.

Thankfully my parents came to the rescue, and we made stairs out of Duplo (really big lego for younger children). The stairs would allow La P’tite Souris to get all the way into my bed safely without any risk that she might fall and hurt herself. On top of that, just to be safe, I slept with my head directly on the mattress so that she wouldn’t have any issue in getting my tooth. My head was pretty big compared to a mouse after all – what if I rolled over in my sleep and squashed her while she was retrieving my tooth?

You’ll be glad to know it all went according to plan: when I woke up there was a comic book under my pillow – it was Yakari, a comic book about a young native American boy and his pony Petit Tonnerre (Little Thunder). I was thrilled.

For my second tooth, I was faced with another conundrum. I lost it at school, and then I actually lost it, despite wrapping it in a tissue and putting it in my pocket. So I came home in tears with a new hole in my mouth and no tooth for La P’tite Souris to take.

My parents solved the problem again, by suggesting I could write her a letter to explain what had happened. Which I did, in extensive detail, and with a grovelling apology for having lost my tooth and suggesting she look into my mouth as I slept to check that I had in fact lost a tooth. La P’tite Souris was very gracious and understanding: she left me another Yakari comic, despite the fact that I didn’t have a tooth to give her. She took my letter though, and I guessed that was a fair enough trade.

Then fast forward to my very last P’tite Souris memroy, for my last tooth. I was a pre-teen by then, although I was already well into teenage pain-in-the-ass-dom. I had stopped believing in La P’tite Souris, so instead of putting my tooth under my pillow, I stood in the kitchen with it in my hand, and demanded my parents give me money for it, since I had outgrown the Yakari comic.  My parents insisted that I put the tooth beneath my pillow as tradition dictates. I rolled my eyes, moaned about them being lame, stomped about the kitchen for a while, etc. (insert usual annoyed teenage behaviour)

And then I forgot to put my tooth under my pillow.

And forgot.

And forgot.

Finally, a few weeks later, I finally put it under my pillow one evening and yelled down at my parents that it was ready. I went to brush my teeth, and Lo! while I had been in the bathroom La P’tite Souris visited. She left me a note, and a single penny. The note said: ‘since you took so long to put your tooth under your pillow it’s now old, and is only worth a penny.’ It was signed with a little mouse drawing.

At the time, I had what is known as an epic sense of humour failure. Looking back I find it hilarious, and very well deserved!!


33 thoughts on “M is for…. Mouse

  1. It sounds like you had some great parents. These are such sweet, now amusing stories! Your first conundrum reminds me of a story my husband’s parents tell about them traveling on Christmas and my husband, probably 5 at the time, was worried Santa wouldn’t find them since they weren’t home. Ah, the magic of childhood!


  2. Hehe! That’s a funny and cute story. I love that you had a mouse rather than a fairy.

    In my house, we put our lost teeth in a glass of water. Then, upon waking there would be a quarter or two in the glass and the tooth would be gone. I asked my mom about it later, and she said she never wanted to try and fetch teeth out from under the pillows of sleeping children, so we put them in water instead! 😀


    • Oh, I like that – that’s kind of weird but cool too. I imagine you must have made up reasons in your head as to why the water transformed your teeth into coins!
      And very practical of your mum – no chance then of waking you guys up accidentally and giving the game away!


  3. Welcome to the halfway point – you’re doing a great job with this challenge. This is a wonderfully cute story. I love the idea of building Duplo stairs. I know we would have done that because we built everything imaginable out of Duplos.


    • Thank you Dan, it’s gone by quite quickly actually! Glad to hear you’re enjoying my A to Z 🙂
      Yeah Duplos were great, and they’re big enough that you can actually make big things out of them. We used to stack them as high as we could until the whole thing toppled over, inevitably.


  4. Oh that was priceless. You totally deserved it, and it sounds exactly like the kind of jerky thing my own father would have done.

    I can’t wait to so stuff like that to my kids.

    Oh and for the record, mice are terrifyingly good climbers. She (and any other mouse) could have gotten in your bed, no problem.


    • Haha yeah, I think my folks had a laugh leaving me that note. To be fair I was being a jerk so I totally deserved that.
      I’m sure the mouse, being of the magical kind that can carry a comic book fifty times bigger than her would probably have found the climb no problem 😉 I was just so very worried that I might miss out on my first present from her, haha.


  5. (I left a comment but I don’t think it worked… So here it is again!)
    Haha, Oooh teenagers 😛
    I never really thought about other cultures/places having something other than the tooth fairy. I love that yours is a mouse. So cute!


  6. What a different tradition they have in France. I think we would have been scared of a mouse in our bed while we were sleeping. I can’t imagine buidling stairs so the rodent could actually get into your bed. It’s funny how children believe anything until they get to be teenagers.

    We never got comic books for our teeth, but usually a dime.



  7. Ah! That was a fantastic story!
    I only remember losing my first tooth, because I didn’t expect it and I got scared. I remember crying and my grandma telling me not to worry because the little mouse (yeah, it was a mouse!) would come a leave me something in place of the tooth.
    But I don’t remember what I received.


  8. Ha, ha, loved the Duplo stairs! And the penny. My daughter lost her first tooth while we were out sledding. Imagine trying to find a tiny white tooth on a hill covered with snow. We had to write the tooth fairy a letter to tell her about it and if she really wanted the tooth, she’d have to look in the snowbank.


  9. I love this story compilation. One time I wrote a letter to the tooth fairy asking her about her life, and when I got a reply letter in my dad’s handwriting I got suspicious. He told me he taught her how to write. And I believed him.


  10. I had to laugh at the teenage stroppiness! The idea of the mouse is very cute. They can definitely always find the teeth. My stepdaughter lost a tooth at school once, and afterwards we were going out for dinner. The tooth somehow ended up on her plate and in the restaurant bins. She wrote a letter to the tooth fairy to explain, and got her money.


  11. I love your A-Z childhood stories theme, Celine. What a great idea. And stories we can certainly all relate to.

    And I’d to know your parents, so wise are they.

    I’m really enjoying your stories. Besides being humorous, there’s a kind of natural, childish (ingenuous) warmth to them.


  12. The Duplo was a great solution! There’s a fun moment in the Rise of the Guardians movie where the other Guardians are helping the Tooth Fairy collect children’s teeth. They run across a mouse who is grabbing a tooth and try to take it from him. The Tooth Fairy sets them straight by saying it’s one of their friends from the European division as he is telling them off in his mousish way 🙂


    • Oh that is hilarious!! I have to watch Guardians. I started but I was half doing something else at the time (can’t remember what) and I was too distracted to get into it so I stopped. From what you say it sounds exactly like my kind of film!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Not to worry, I’m so behind myself as well! I’m going to catch up properly with everyone’s blog in May (and do the letters I missed then too). April is a tough month with A to Z – if anything comes up in real life it throws the whole schedule out of whack!


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