A lightening quick non A to Z update

First – an apology. As most of you will have noticed (or maybe not, maybe I managed to slink past unnoticed) I’ve been a bit slow these last few days with replying to comments and visiting other A to Zers’ blogs. I actually just got back from an awesome holiday in California – the latter part was the drive from San Fran to LA , which means we were out and about without wifi for pretty much the whole time so I just couldn’t get online. And if I’m entirely honest, I also wanted to make the most of our time in California rather than spend time on my computer. Still, I know it’s poor form not to be sociable during A to Z, so I do apologise for being slack.

I am back now and I’m going to catch up with everyone’s blogs properly. Hope you’ve all been having fun with A to Z so far, I know I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with for the letters so far.

Oh and also, during said holiday I turned thirty (heaven help me, I’m now in my thirties!!). So far thirty has proven to be a good age, let’s see if it continues.


15 thoughts on “A lightening quick non A to Z update

  1. Haaaa, avoir de nouveau 30 ans et faire la côte ouest des USA dans une Ford Mustang, un rêve! C’est de l’exploration (see your post on Madame Dalmasso!) pour grown-ups!!!


    • Oh my god, I had a AWESOME day. Actually I had an awesome two weeks which I’ll have to blog about later, once A to Z is finished (I don’t think I can squeeze extra posts out while it’s still going on) And thank you for the birthday wishes 🙂


    • It’s the BEST birthday present. Not that the trip was a birthday present but I’m counting it as such – which makes me a hugely spoilt girl 😉
      Oh and the aquarium was superb, just as you said. It was a little on the crowded side since it was Spring Break, but we absolutely loved it.

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