A Lightening Quick WIPpet Post

Gosh, weeks go by fast! Winter’s finally arrived here, and with pretty incredible suddenness. We went from wearing shorts to wearing scarves indoors in a week. Well, I wear scarves indoors at least, most normal people don’t.

But since buildings in HK are little more than concrete blocks with ZERO insulation, since the windows are single glazed, and since there are no heaters (I don’t just mean no central heating, I mean no kind of heating at all), it’s the same temperature inside as outside. When you’re sitting at a computer by the window, let me tell you, your fingers and neck get cold fast!

Plus, being French it is the law that I must wear a scarf a minimum number of days a year or they’ll take my nationality away. Bad enough that I quite smoking and that I don’t like coffee or camembert, I have to indulge in at least one of the stereotypes. It’s the rules.

Anyway, for this week’s WIPpet, the maths are a bit creative, 3+1+2 = 6, which means 7 sentences since adding the last one in made for a better ending.

“Longinus,” said Rory.


“You know how assassins are supposed to be all dark and silent like?”

“The word you’re looking for is laconic,” said Cruikshank as she climbed down the ladder, obviously having given up on her book.

“Yeah, laconic and all that.”

“Your point?” snapped Longinus.

“Shut up.”

You can see the work of the other WIPpeteers here, and thank you to K.L. Shwengel for hosting!


41 thoughts on “A Lightening Quick WIPpet Post

  1. Okay, your intro to this made me snort, especially the scarf thing. This is a very interesting excerpt. I don’t know the characters, but I get a feeling they’re close and like the back and forth of conversation.

    PS, the link you posted on the linky page doesn’t work. Gotta ex out of the admin thing before you can C&P the link.


    • Haha, I have two, they’re called Blue Cat and Green Cat. Problem is they wind up fighting for space on my lap (I’m their portable heater) so it gets pretty crowded. Now that there’s a dog in the house as well it could get a bit messy!

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  2. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t survive without heat. I’m like a lizard that way. LOL!

    The snippet is very entertaining. They sound like they’re supposed to be sneaking around, but they’re having a whole conversation about it—and the right word to use for it. Hahaha!


  3. Celine, ma cherie – my bedroom as a child was unheated and it was COLD!! Don’t forget, in addition to your lovely scarve, a jaunty French beret or chapeau will help keep you warm. It’s amazing how much difference a hat can make.

    WIPpet reminds me of that dance-inducing song from a number of years ago – can’t remember the group who performed it . Perhaps they were called Longinus??


    • I am actually the proud owner of a beret. A red one in fact, and it would be a wonderful addition to my outfit, being appropriate both for the French stereotype and the for the ‘artiste’ stereotype. Two birds with one hat, so to speak 😉

      Hmmm no idea what that song could be, but then I am musically ignorant! 😉


  4. It’s summer here and I HATE being hot, I’d much rather be cold! Thankfully our air con is fixed so it’s rather chilly inside at the moment! Do you like baguettes? Baguettes are French!

    Great dialogue in this snippet! 🙂


    • I LOVE baguettes!!
      I’m the opposite, I’d much rather be hot than cold. Which is why I feel betrayed by Hong Kong, I was expecting year round warmth! Let’s swap countries for the season 😉 (oh wait, where do you live?)


      • Everyone loves baguettes surely! But that does fit the French stereotype! 😀
        I live in Australia. It’s actually been pretty ‘mild’ so far (although I disagree that 30 degrees is ‘nice’), but summer is usually ridiculously hot! Thankfully, I’ll be rugged up in Edinburgh! 😀


      • Yes baguettes are the Best Invention In The World. In fact it’s lucky that I don’t live in France or I’d be the size of a beached whale on account of all the bread and pastries. The slender French gene has also missed me. Honestly, my hold on my french nationality is so tenuous! 😉

        Oh are you moving to Edinburgh or going there on holiday?


  5. Celine, I laughed so much at the scarf. I am sure you look tres jolie. (My apologies, I am too lazy to find the accents on my keyboard. 🙂 ) What kind of scarf do you wear? A practical heavy wool one, or a chic and colourful silk one?


    • Haha, merci Sue! No need to apologise, I’m also too lazy to find the accents on the keyboard, especially on a mac, they hide in the oddest places.

      I wear a big cosy one that’s almost big enough to be a blanket 🙂 with a big wooly cardi. Sadly I’m missing the French chic gene, it’s probably because I don’t like coffee 😉

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  6. “The word you’re looking for is laconic,” That made me laugh out loud. I love this and I’m so looking forward to reading more.

    BTW, I wear scarves indoors all the time. At the day job even in the summer because it’s usually chilly no matter the time of year, and at home because I hate cool breezes going down my neck. Does this mean I might be French? Um, because I also love coffee (especially from my French press). 😀


  7. This is such a nice post Celine… though I’m sorry for the cold. I experienced some house cold in the past and it was’t nice 😦

    I also liked the snippet. I like crispy dialogues 🙂


  8. And I liked how the snippet ended . . . made me laugh out loud. and want to know more about both characters. Sorry about the cold. I’m researching upper Manitoba to find winters hit 25 below zero (F), while here in eastern Washington on the west coast of the US, we’re at a low of 10 (F) last week. So bundle up and keep those writing fingers warm!


  9. Oh, dear, are there rules about Australians embodying stereotypes, too? Because I don’t like sport, or the beach particularly, and I don’t say “G’day” at all… oh, no, actually, it’s fine, I do have kangaroos in my back yard, so I’m all good, right?

    I really enjoyed the excerpt. I do love me some snappy dialogue. I really look forward to getting to know all your characters better.


    • Kangaroos in the backyard is more than fine, it’s awesome (and way more fun than the g’day thing, so you’re fine according to my rule book). Do you ever see babies, in the pouches? They must be so cute!

      And thanks 🙂 glad you enjoyed it!


      • we do, yes! One of the most hilarious things is watching the joeys crawl into the pouch head first, then very awkwardly turn themselves around and stick their heads out. I do feel sorry for the mothers, though, to be put through that.


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