Poppy’s Poppy for Poppy Month

In the UK (and this might be a worldwide thing, I’m not sure, but it’s definitely a UK wide thing), November is Poppy Month. It’s not just Remembrance Day. For the whole month of November virtually everyone donates a bit of spare change to buy a paper poppy that they pin to their coat / jacket, to remember the fallen and support their families. I always lost my poppy after a couple of days, so every year I’d buy somewhere between ten and twenty. There’s something really lovely about walking around London, all grey and miserable and rainy (November is NOT a pleasant month in the UK), and seeing little red poppies on everyone’s jackets. It brightens up an otherwise dismal day, and it feels like everyone is coming together over this one fantastic cause.

Since we moved to Hong Kong we haven’t been able to take part in this tradition, simply because the Poppy Appeal (the charity’s official name) didn’t seem to operate out here. But then the weekend just gone, we came across a collection box and a tray of paper poppies. Of course I had to get one for Poppy (and one for me and The Husband, all for a good cause!), so that she could do her bit to remember the fallen and support their families.

DSC_0014She took her minute of silence….

DSC_0011She shed a little tear….

DSC_0022Dinner time!

DSC_0013Wait, what? Hold on, I’m not done here. Lost my train of thought.

The Poppy Appeal was started after the First World War, and to commemorate its hundredth anniversary, 888,246 ceramic poppies were ‘planted’ in the moat of the Tower of London. Each one has been bought and dedicated to someone, and the money has gone to mixture of service charities. I haven’t seen this in person yet, sadly, but doesn’t it look stunning? What an amazing way to raise awareness to a very necessary cause.

Photo from Flickr

Photo from Flickr

Before I go I wanted to share a blooper photo with you. There were loads of bloopers, unsurprisingly, photographing an excitable puppy isn’t easy! And bless the little darling, she has some Shar Pei in her (the Chinese dogs with tons of wrinkles) so she has lots of excess skin and wrinkles around her face. If not taken at the right angles, she doesn’t always look at her prettiest….






18 thoughts on “Poppy’s Poppy for Poppy Month

  1. We don’t do much with the poppy here in the US, but when I was a little girl, I lived in Canada for a few years. I remember wearing poppies in November there. I even won a prize once for the best poppy-decorated drawing at school when I was in third grade. Which is shocking because I can’t draw at all. 🙂

    Your dog is a cutie!


    • Yeah a little more research seems to indicate that the Commonwealth countries wear the poppies in November, except for the US – think you guys do it differently over there.

      And thanks! She is a lovely little thing (although alarmingly not so little any more and still growing)

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  2. I love the picture outside the Tower of London. I bet it’s even more impressive in person! I’ve never heard of Poppy Month and I don’t think I’ve seen anything similar in the U.S., but I really like the idea.

    Nice pics with your dog, Poppy, too. What a cutie and she posed so well.

    Keep up the good work with NaNo!!


    • Yeah it’s a fantastic concept – I like the fact that everyone gets involved in it too, that’s the best part.

      I can’t wait to see the ceramic poppies, but whenever I go home (I live in Hong Kong so going back to the UK is an infrequent affair), I’m always rushing around to see family and friends, and so far I’ve never had time to go see the ceramic poppies.

      Likewise keep up the good work with NaNo! The end is in sight!


  3. Such sweet remembrance witH Poppy and poppies. We buy and wear poppies on Veterans’ Day Nov 11th and Memorial Day in late May. One of my English blogging buddies went to see the ceramic poppies and posted awesome photos. What a truly inspiring display. Thank you for this post, Celine. I believe our Vets would say moments you share with Poppy make their sacrifices worth while.


    • I hear the ceramic poppies are just beautiful, I just haven’t had a chance to go see them – family and friends come first when we do make it back hom.
      I didn’t realise you wore poppies on Memorial Day too – is it a donation / charity system as well?


      • Yes it’s the womens’ auxiliary of the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars)!that sells them as a fundraiser. Wearing poppies in our Memorial Day Parades as a Brownie is a very early memory for me. Now I buy the poppies for my grandkids.


  4. Poppy is a pretty girl, and I’m always a fan of using dog pictures to augment a blog post! I do like her face wrinkles quite a lot.

    You know, I’ve seen those Tower of London pictures but somehow didn’t realize the poppies therein were ceramic. It’s a powerful image they make.


  5. Love this, Celine. Here in Canada we wear them on November 11th but also in the weeks leading up to it. What with the events happening at Parliament in Ottawa this year (and at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier), there has been a lot more focus on it. I love Poppy’s expressions! Very cute. 🙂


    • Oh what’s happening in the Parliament in Ottawa? (sorry am a bit ignorant of politics in other countries!)
      I think I read somewhere that all commonwealth countries except the US does something involving wearing poppies for the month of november (and the US does its own thing with veteran day etc) – I think it’s so nice to have everyone come together on something like that.

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      • Hi Celine, not that long ago we had a lone gunman shoot and kill an unarmed solider who was guarding a monument for fallen soldiers. The gunman then stormed into the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa. Luckily he was taken down before killing anyone else, although there were some injured guards. It was shocking to have this happen in Canada, to say the least.

        Because of this event, November had a lot more focus this year. I heard they ran out of poppies.

        I agree that it’s nice to have everyone come together for a common cause. 🙂


      • God that’s awful, really really awful. The part about attacking the unarmed soldier guarding the monument to the fallen is particularly terrible – did the soldier survive?
        Canada always seems like such a peaceful place, I can imagine it was a shock to everyone!


      • Unfortunately the soldier died. And yes, it was awful. Canada is a peaceful place overall. Gun violence is rare. I think what people were most worried about is that this event would change how Canadians lived their daily lives. But so far it seems people have been resilient and refused to be afraid. I’m glad of that. Anyway, sorry to post sad news but it was hard not to think of it this year.


      • Oh gosh don’t apologise! The positive from that story though is that as you say rather than locking themselves away scared, people came out and bought every single Poppy in Canada (running out of poppies is unheard of, right?!) – that resilience and togetherness in the face of tragedy is something to be celebrated

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  6. What a nice post! I love your pictures of Poppy wearing her poppy. I remember as a child having seen poppies on veteran’s day but I haven’t seen them in years. I don’t know why not? I love the idea of having them for a whole month and the London poppies look amazing. Thanks for sharing this! Have fun with your Novel writing month, too! I love having these little updates from you 🙂


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