A Whole Bunch of Random Stuff on Me and an Award

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster award by three different bloggers which is just so lovely! Halley of Halley Gentil, JLenni, and Celina of LittleCely all nominated me, thanks a bunch guys!

The Liebster’s not so much an official award as a nice way to give a shout out to other fellow bloggers who are still new to the blogosphere – which is why it’s for bloggers with 200 followers or less, i.e. the new kidz on da block.

The word “Liebster” by the way is German, and it means lovely or dearest. The principle is that the receiver of the award nominates another 5 to 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers, and answers some questions from the nominating blogger.

The thing is, some of the blogs I want to nominate have *just* squeezed past the 200 mark. So, I shall be judge, jury and executioner and declare that blogs that have recently broken the 200 barrier are acceptable.

Also, I’ve taken a bit too long to get my act together and some of the bloggers I wanted to nominate have already been nominated by others (or have nominated me!). But since this is all about giving a shout out to fellow bloggers I will also deem this acceptable. Yes, I’m aware that I’m practically creating a new set of rules here.

And lastly, since I was nominated by 3 bloggers, it would be a looong and boring post if I was to answer 33 questions about myself. I’m as self involved as the next gal, but even this is too much for me (let alone for you). So with yet another rule bending flourish, I have cherry picked those questions that I found to be the most fun.

So now that the official stuff is taken care of, on with the show!

First off, the nominated bloggers, in no particular order:

Michelle over at Writer in Transit : I met Michelle as I met virtually all bloggers I know, through A to Z. She had the most awesome interactive theme where she had one type of book per letter, and we all had to write comments on what we thought those books would say if they could speak. It was lots of fun, and Michelle had some truly awesome types of books on there that I had never heard of. Like a book that comes in a jar (called a Jar Book. It does what it says on the jar)

Debbie O’neil over at Writing Against the Wind : Also an A to Z meeting, Debbie came up with awesome writing prompts, writing out examples of how they could be applied over a variety of genres to provide inspiration for all the writers out there. Debbie also did her posts on the cuff, as I did and she put me to shame, hat off to her for all that hard work! It was really interesting thinking of single word prompts like that, it made me realise that a single word (the right word) can generate a whole host of impressions about a person or setting.

Kelli at Forty and Fantastique: This awesome lady is American but blogs in both French and English. She is gearing up for an epic trip around France, and her A to Z theme was centered around all the things that she is planning on discovering and experiencing. I had a great time living vicariously through her posts, especially on the food related ones, and I’ll be looking forward to following her trip through France!

Celina at Littlecely: Well firstly we have almost the same name, so to be immature about it – Celina is by default awesome. Like me, she’s a bit of a random blogger, blogging about all sorts of things. But, the thing I really recommend you check out are her drawings. They’re amazing, and I can’t wait to see her first full portrait. If you click on the drawing tab (link here for convenience, because I’m nice to you like that) you can see a sample of what she does.

Sammy D at Bemuzin: Another general blogger and one that is a whole lot of awesome. Her blog is funny and interesting, and full of personality. And she now has joined the Princess Bride fan club which to me immediately says that she’s an awesome person, because all Princess Bride connoisseurs are.

Thomas at North of Andover: Thomas is a fellow Fantasy and Science Fiction writer, as well as an editor and proofreader. He writes an interesting blog about fantasy and science fiction and about the writing of both. Thomas is lucky enough to have a clone with which to work on his stories. Now if only we could all clone ourselves, that would be far more efficient. Personally I’d send my clone off to write whilst I re-watched all the Game of Thrones and made another go at reading the books.

Tammy at Tammy J Rizzo: Write extraordinaire and fellow cat lover (hurrah for cats!) I just love the fact that she refers to herself as a future bestselling author – that’s my kind of thinking! Not only is her blog fun, she also does a fantastic writerly holding of the pen and peering over the glasses in an interested yet intellectual way. This is something I ought to spend more time perfecting (although I hate wearing my glasses).

Right! Now for the questions:

1.Can you fake any accents?

No. All the accents I try to fake come out as Indian for some reason (or sometimes Jamaican). And when I try to do an Indian accent it just sounds weird.

I can however do a great Jamaican accent, thanks to one super neat trick. Bacon in Jamaican = Beer Can in normal English (say it out loud and it makes sense).

You’re welcome.

2. Do you remember your dreams? If yes, are they in color or black and white?

I dream in HD technicolour – my dreams are incredibly vivid. In the latest I was being chased through a library by men wearing multi-neon-coloured balaclavas and punk-type gear. One of them caught me, turns out it was Ewan Mcgregor (I was quite pleased at that), but then he took a bite out of my neck – and I don’t mean in a sexy vampire way which would have been fine. No, I mean in a “I’m going to take a bit out of that sandwich” way, which was most unpleasant. And then I woke up.

Another dream was that the husband and I were on holiday when a T-Rex burst out of the jungle, destroying the hotel, whilst a giant prehistoric fish the size of a swimming pool jumped out of the swimming pool and began devouring the sunbathers. And in the midst of the chaos, I was searching for my trainers, because the logic was that I’d run away from the T-Rex faster if I was wearing trainers.

Oh, and I dream in French and in English (very rarely in both languages at the same time, though it has happened)

3. If you could meet anybody living or dead, who would it be?

Sigmund Freud – so he could explain the meaning of my dreams to me. I’d love to hear the Freudian interpretation of a T-Rex trashing a hotel.

4. Have you ever milked a cow?

No, I have yet to experience the bucolic delights of udder contact. To be fair, I don’t really like milk – I like my milk skimmed to within an inch of its life so that it more resembles water than milk – and even then I only pour enough to dampen my cereal. So milking a cow has limited appeal, other than for the novelty factor.

5. Do you believe in Bigfoot?

*Looks down at own big feet*. Well, obviously. And thank god Bigfoot exists! Knowing that he’s out there, lumbering about on his enormous feet makes the hardships of the big footed easier to bear – such as having to face the scattering of ugly, canoe sized shoes left in the sale rack, and glancing with envy at the dinky and far prettier shoes in the smaller sizes.

Now that I live in Asia, a continent populated EXCLUSIVELY by people with tiny feet, I find myself seeking solace in the comforting fact that no matter how big my feet are, there is one glorious being out there with larger paddles than mine. When the sales assistant laughs at my shoe size (yes, it happened) or when I get told to go shop in the men’s section (also happened), I simply close my eyes, and mutter a quick prayer to the King of all oversized leg appendages.

That said, before any of you delightful small footed people out there get too smug, know this. Us big footed individuals are extremely well balanced. Try to shove us out of the way and our two oversized tootsies will grip the floor with all the power of an octopus’s sucker so that we will sway back and forth but not give up so much as an inch of our pedestrian territory.

(by the way, the thesaurus is remarkably empty when it comes to feet. Who knew?)

6. What is your favourite sport/activity/hobby besides blogging or writing?

I’d love to have come up with something suitable for the Serious Writer that I am, but unfortunately my brain immediately screamed “EATING!” as I read this question, and you should always go with your first response for these types of questions. And it’s true – inside me is a fat kid bursting to come out at any given opportunity. Few things give me more joy than a good meal.

A close second though, is hiking and photography (sometimes both at the same time! How’s that for multi tasking?)

7. What would your response be if a new friend proved to you that you aren’t human?

I’d probably have a moment of clarity, one of those “ohhhh that explains so much”. I’d probably then want to discover what my powers were (because what’s the point of being non human if not to have awesome powers) – although with my luck I’d probably be one of those useless non humans that can’t do anything cool.

Then I’d probably write an incredibly successful book about it, which would be turned into a best selling film, for which I would finally be able to give the oscar acceptance speech I have wasted enough hours day dreaming of (it would be awesome by the way, none of this boring thanking everyone from agent to goldfish. It would be funny, it would be youtube gold, and not just because I’d flex my freaky non human powers. It will, alas, most likely never come to be).

8. What is your favorite mythical creature without human attributes?

The Yale, because it has the tail of an elephant. Whoever created that creature was clearly stuck for inspiration, wanted to find a cool tail for his beast but realised all the good ones were already taken. So, never one to go down the path of banality, our plucky creator stuck an elephant tail to the Yale’s posterior.

I think the Yale should be the mascot for all creatives out there: no matter how stuck you are, no matter how bad it gets, you can always plonk an elephant tail on it to make it better.

9. Any guilty pleasures?

Food or non food? Let’s go with non food related or we’ll be here all day.

Recently I’ve been watching the Lindsay Lohan documentary – all 8 episodes of it. It’s terrible, really, and before I started I scoffed saying “a Serious Writer like me is above such drivel.” And then I started, and I got totally hooked, and I watched the whole thing like the little glutton that I am.

Also Game of Thrones. But there is nothing guilty there, it’s pure, unadulterated pleasure because it’s awesome.

10. Are there any movies you are looking forward to seeing which premiere in 2014?

Yes! Maleficent with Angelina Jolie. Do you remember Sleeping Beauty, the Disney version? The music especially as Aurora goes up the stairs to the spindle still gives me goosebumps. I’m so excited they’ve made a film on Maleficent is such an interesting character.

Also super excited that the new Xmen opens in Hong Kong in a few days. Because, you know, Xmen. But also because it will be a glutton fest of awesome actors and actresses, any film featuring James McAvoy, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence gets my vote!

11. What is your favourite book and why?

Cyrano de Bergerac, by Edmond Rostand. It was my favourite as a teenager and it remains at the top of the list to this day. You all know the story probably, the ugly Cyrano with the huge nose but with the sharpest wit and most beautiful poetry joins forces with the handsome but vapid Christian so that together they may woo the one woman they both love.

The writing is superb, the wit is razor sharp, it is funny, clever, poignant, touching, and sad. I’ve read it so many times, I know huge chunks of it by heart. I have a beautiful 1901 edition that my grandfather bought for me which I cherish more than anything. I re-read it recently and still got goosebumps, laughed and shed a little tear.

There is an excellent film with Gerard Depardieu. Now, I don’t like the man, he is a caricature of vulgarity, and a bit of an embarrassment to France since he seems to be the one French actor that everyone knows. But he is divine as Cyrano de Bergerac. There are English translations of the book and the film comes with subtitles, but I don’t know how much of the beauty of the original text is preserved. Still, if you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth a look.

Nominees, questions for you: 

I actually would love to see others answer the same questions so we can compare notes. Looking forward to reading your answers!

PS: should you have made it this far in the post (well done you!) you will be glad to know that as always I did not write this alone. Blue Cat was vigilant as ever, sometimes even taking control of the mouse during the process. Although that might just be because it’s called a mouse – sometimes he’s not the brightest.




43 thoughts on “A Whole Bunch of Random Stuff on Me and an Award

  1. LOL to all your answers and congrats on all your Liebster Awards. You are one of the livliest, most vivacious bloggers, and your Big Foot answer proves it. It is INCONCEIVABLE that my answers will measure up to yours, but I’ll give it my best shot (prepare to die, heh, heh).

    I already follow a couple of your superb nominees and will certainly visit the others after your glowing recommendations.

    I had earlier nixed accepting awards (overwhelmed) but this will be a good exercise to kick me into writing mode. Thank you for selecting me, Celine. I am grateful we connected at the very end of the challenge (via Forty & Fantastique).

    PS you might have hooked me on Princess Bride but I’ll NEVER be lured into a Lindsay Lohan saga 🙂


    • It is INCONCEIVABLE that your answers will be anything less than awesome!
      (You often use that word, I do not think it means what you think it means)

      Oh I LOVE that we exchange Princess Bride quotes. Another fan has come out of the woodwork, a fellow blogger called Thomas Weaver – so now there’s three of us fans on this here blog at least! 😉

      Oh were you overwhelmed by too many awards? That’s a nice problem to have!! At the end of the day, I think the best is to just do what you want with it, who cares about the rules etc.

      Reply to your PS: Nooo, watching the Lohan saga is so bad it’s so good! Because they have somber music as background to saying “Lindsay has been searching for an apartment for a month” boom, boom, BOOOOOOM. Because spending a month flat hunting is out of the world crazy, the rest of us never go through this sort of thing. I love seeing just how clueless and disconnected from reality these people are.


      • Well what the heck DOES it mean? (it’s inconceivable that I don’t know what it means.)

        Oh yes, I was SO overwhelmed by all my many awards it was sort of like boom boom BOOM Lindsay Lohan being overwhelmed by apartment hunting. I suppose if I’m going to be a famous writer i must get used to awards :-). (actually my overwhelmness was with my own anxieties, as usual)

        You make me kaugh, you nut !


      • Oh no, that was a quote from the film too 😉 inigo Montoya says it to the guy who keeps saying INCONCEIVABLE 😉

        Yes you must definitely get used to many awards, it’s compulsory for famous writers 😉 plus it’s fun to imagine acceptance speeches.
        But don’t feel like you have to do anything with the Leibster, I just wanted to give you a shout out, you can just have it on your virtual mantelpiece 😉


      • I know – i’m checing all the “quotes from PB” websites so I’ll be fully stocked with witticisms to spout forth in comments (since my memory at remembering lines from any movie is woefully inadequate).

        I am salivating at breaking many rules for this Leibster “non-acceptance” :-). My Unacceptance Speech will be filled with shoutouts. Fun fun – just take me awhile since weekend filled with grandkid and Memorial Day activities.


      • Or just watch PB again! 😉 I find it’s great to have in the background whilst pottering about, although that’s probably why I’m so inefficient with my chores 😉
        “Non- acceptance” and “unacceptance” are awesome concepts, good work on coining them – they’ll be much fun!! 🙂 your weekend sounds like it will be lovely, have a great time with the grandkid! We’re going to Shanghai for the weekend which I’m quite excited about!


    • Thomas, you are a man of excellent taste, since you and I share impatience as a trait, and a love of The Princess Bride. Wait, maybe I’m a third clone of you that you didn’t know about? Could it be? No…I can’t rock the evil glass and bear combo – just a fluke then.

      You should do what you want with the award, who cares about the rules really 😉 Right going to have to go and check out those answers of yours.


  2. Celine, congrats on your award! Your writing is so divinely funny. 🙂 Now I have octopus suckers in my head. Awesome. Best wishes from a fellow fan of The Princess Bride, and thanks for the new blogs!


    • Thanks Sue, that’s such a lovely compliment! You have made my day 🙂

      And yay to another Princess Bride fan! I feel like we’re a little community scattered throughout the internet 😉


  3. Congratulations! Isn’t it so great to think back on how we met different’ bloggers? I’m not sure I’d be able to remember… Do you ever Google your dreams? There are a lot of dream analysis websites out there.


    • I had never thought of googling my dreams. I kind of want to, but I’m also scared of what I’ll find. I’ll let you know if I take the plunge 😉

      And thanks, it was great to be nominated and lovely to look back on how I met these fab bloggers!


  4. Congrats on the award!
    And thank you for nominating me as a recipient!
    I loved your answers… warning – mine will be boring… 🙂
    Is it okay if I ask you to store the award here at your place, and I’ll pick it up when I’m ready to post…


      • I’m back again – this time to invite you to a blog hop I am participating in, about the writing process. (not sure if you’ve done it before?) 🙂
        Each participant tags three other bloggers, who answer 4 bloghop questions related to the writing process.
        Vidya Sury has tagged me, and she will be posting on June 2/3.
        I will be posting on June 9/10 and tagging three bloggers who will post on June 16/17.
        So, if you accept, then I’ll be tagging you on June 9/10 when I post, and you will need to post on June 16/17 – answering those four questions and tagging three other bloggers of your choice.
        In your post, you’d have to add a bio of the three people you tag. Would you be interested? It’s loads of fun. Please let me know.
        Thank you.
        Here’s an example of a post showing how this bloghop works: http://everydaygyaan.com/a-struggle-against-silence/

        Writer In Transit
        (P.S. I haven’t forgotten about my award. It’s looking good on your virtual mantelpiece)


      • Hi Michelle,
        So I hope you don’t mind I took a little time to reply, I wasn’t sure at first whether it would be for me. I’m still new to the world of writing and I felt a bit like a fraud to be writing about my process when I’m still working out my writing process – it’s a constant work in progress really.

        But then I thought that actually it might be an interesting post to do for me to actually work out my process, so what the hell, count me in! 🙂

        (and no worries on the award, no rush at all! 😉 )


  5. You know it is for the very reason that our names are almost the same that I started following your blog before even reading anything that you posted. 😛

    I enjoyed your questions and answers so I might make a post later just answering the questions and not really nominating anyone since I already did that. But thank you so much for the nomination!


  6. I’m saving this to savor when the Vulcan and human dancing in my head let me go – or when they exhaust me, which is more likely – they ARE the stubborn pair, those two! – .

    My Big Feet and I want more. And prettier shoes. =D


  7. Princess Bride fans UNITE! Most quotable movie EVER.
    I found this post highly entertaining, and I think you really are an alien. I mean, the big feet, the amazing humor, the ability to put up with cats (sorry, allergic) and whole tail thing. I bet you grow a tail just because you wrote about it.
    I’d also like my dreams interpreted…I dream like you – HD technicolor and if I try hard to remember them right when I wake up I do OK. Most of them fade back to whatever weird place they came from…
    Thanks for visiting!
    Tina @ Life is Good
    On the Open Road! @ Join us for the 4th Annual Post-Challenge Road Trip!


    • Yes it IS the most quotable film ever!!!!
      Ok you got me, I think I’m probably an alien too. And a really useless one with no magical powers, that pencil will not move no matter how hard I focus on it!!
      Thanks for stopping by too, glad you found that entertaining! 🙂


  8. Pingback: The French Connection | bemuzin

  9. Congrats on your award, Celine! I loved reading your post. It was incredibly entertaining as always. I also have wildly fantastical dreams, but unfortunately I don’t write them down and hours later they’ve evaporated from my memory. Of those I can vaguely remember, I usually have some superhuman ability like flying and can often speak fluent Spanish (although I can’t seem to speak much when awake). I have a book on interpreting dreams that says dreams about flying are the subconscious reminding you that things are possible if you believe in yourself. It also says that when you speak foreign languages in your dreams it’s your subconscious telling you that you know more than you think you do. I like that. It’s like getting a little pep talk in your sleep, and Lord knows, we writers need that! By the way, the library in your dream represents a thirst for knowledge. I’m not sure what your subconscious is trying to tell you about the rest, though. 🙂


    • Thank you Melissa!

      I had a flying dream once – and it was amazing, I can still picture it now. Do you ever find that when you wake up from an amazing dream, you want to back to sleep to continue experiencing it? I love those dreams. 🙂

      That’s also a pretty awesome interpretation for the flying, and it’s very true!
      And for the library that makes sense too – we’ll just gloss past the rest of it, haha.
      But I like the idea of dreams giving you the pep talks and information you need to break through your problems. I read somewhere that if you’re really stuck on something you should write the question just before going so sleep and put it under your pillow, as a way to make you think about it as you drift off – and often your subconscious will provide you with the answer somehow in dream form.


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