N is for Nineties Nostalgia

I very recently finished reading Romeo and Juliet, so of course I had to revisit Baz Luhrmann’s film. Have you watched it recently? Because holy moly, Claire Danes and Leonardo Dicaprio look young in it! But also, the soundtrack is amazing. Really amazing. I’ve been writing to it for the last couple of weeks.

It’s actually sent me on a bit of a nineties reminiscence – what a fun decade! (We’ll just gloss past the teenage angst, the awkwardness, shyness, and toe curling dorkiness shall we?)

I mean, who didn’t experiment with maroon/black/blue lipstick during the token goth phase, or try buffalo platforms (how disgusting were they?). The crop tops and camouflage combat trousers, the dress over T-shirt combo (how did we ever think that was going to work?). Dr Martens.

No doubt, Vanilla Ice, Oasis, All Saints. Let’s not forget that Offspring song (I still know all the words), and the SPICE GIRLS! (zig-a-zig-ah anyone?). Were you cool, or like me did you only listen to whatever songs were on the latest Now That’s What I Call Music CD? (did anyone ever listen to Disc 2?)

Remember teletext? Oh, and TAMAGOTCHIS!! (I didn’t have one, but I did babysit one for a friend though. THE RESPONSIBILITY!!) Or blowing into those damn SNES cartridges to make them work. What about Minidisc – how did anyone think that was going to take off?

But nothing quite embodies the epic nature of the nineties like Clueless – quite possibly (in my humble opinion) the most amazing film of all time. Legends of the Fall, by the way, is in its own category. Has Brad Pitt ever managed to look better than he did in that film? I think not. (have you also ever cried more than you did in front of Legends of the Fall?)

The terrifying thing though, is that there are adults around who were born in the nineties. I had an assistant who was born in the nineties. This is just wrong, anyone born in the nineties should still by all accounts be a small child. At the most a young teenager.

I feel old.



10 thoughts on “N is for Nineties Nostalgia

    • Oh wow – a decade of life changes! Must have been a busy few years.

      I do remember those little mp3 players, I had one for a while that could play about ten songs (maybe even less). It broke after a few months! It’s always so funny to look back on what used to be cutting edge and see how old and naff it seems now 😉


  1. I’ve seen a few decades pass by. My son was born early 90’s so the rest was a blur of nappies, teething and just being a mother. 😉
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 🙂


  2. The 90s! I remember the Romeo and Juliet movie and it is still one of my favorite soundtracks. I had a tamagochi, wore platforms(what was I thinking)! And my favorite Spice Girl was Scary Spice. The good old 90s.


  3. I hear ya, I feel old too. I just watched Clueless with my 14 yr old daughter last week. I remember overalls being huge in the nineties. I loved Legends of the Fall and Vanilla Ice (Ice Ice Baby).


    • Yes, overalls! I had an overall dress (skirt bottom weird top bit with the straps) which I thought was THE bomb. Haha.
      Did your daughter like Clueless? I’ll have to watch it again, haven’t seen it in ages….


      • Haha awesome! It’s made me wonder what’s happened to Freddie Prinze Jr, he seems to have fallen off the face of the earth now that the 90s is over. Maybe he could only exist in that time 😉


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