M is for Merchant, Mighty, Miranda, and Modern (of the Stephen, Boosh, Hart and Family varieties, respectively)

Welcome to Comedy Monday! I know, it’s Tuesday with a T, and not Monday with an M – April screwed me over and did not change its days around as per our agreement *throws April a dirty look*. So it’s coMedy Tuesday instead which is pretty lame, but in keeping with the M theme I shall only be talking about comedy starting with an M.

Starting off with Stephen Merchant. Do you know him? He co-wrote The Office (the original UK version) with Ricky Gervais. Whether or not you know him, feast your eyes on this: a lip syncing battle with Jimmy Fallon and Joseph Gordon Levitt. It’s AWESOME. (Note how they’re arranged by height at the start).

The world needs more lanky, leggy, angry irishmen lip syncing to Boom Shake The Room (by the way, I know ALL the lyrics by heart to this song and I am not afraid to rap away. Blue Cat and Green Cat are always pretty disturbed by my impromptu performances). Oh and I’m with you, Jimmy Fallon and Joseph Gordon Levitt are also both epic!

Up next is slightly left field – I give you The Mighty Boosh. If you already are a fan, you’re a person of excellent taste – I tip my virtual hat to you. And if you are on twitter, you and I need to hang out. You see, I love quotable films and TV shows. I love watching them, but more than that, I love quoting quotes from quotable films and TV shows.

I dream of the day someone will randomly run up to my twitter handle, throw a Mighty Boosh quote at it and run off again, laughing madly. Although I’m not picky. The Princess Bride would work too. Or The Big Lebowki. Or Anchorman…. Basically anything funny. QUOTE RANDOM STUFF AT ME INTERNET!!!


You can find me at @celinejeanjean by the way. (come say hi even if you’re not a fan of the Boosh, twittering is such fun!)

Back to The Mighty Boosh – how to explain it, if you have yet to be initiated….. It’s like Marmite. You’re not English? Damn. Ok Marmite is like the love child of burnt tires, Guinness and fermented diesel, all of which has been eaten and partially digested by a civet, to produce a thick, viscous substance that could be used to tar roads with (Click here for a real definition, but trust me when I tell you that it is foul stuff). The point is *some* people love it. Most *normal* people hate it. (Does any non English person love Marmite? Is that even possible?) Either way, there is no middle ground. Love or hate, that is all you can feel for Marmite. Unless you’re Australian, in which case you shake a carrot at it, it turns into Vegemite (just as gross) and everybody’s happy.

The Mighty Boosh is the same, you love it or you hate it, but whatever you think, it’s got epic quoting potential. It’s random, there is no rhyme nor reason to it, you have to sit back and let the funny wash over you. Here are a couple of little YouTube clips to whet your appetite.

“violent quiche” *snorts with laughter*

What next? Miranda of course! Another English classic. It’s written by Miranda Hart herself and is loosely based on her from what I gather. This is the one if farts make you laugh (and don’t even try to pretend that you don’t find them funny – I know you’re lying), or if you’ve ever laughed at someone falling over (again, I defy you not to find that funny).

Basically Miranda is the woman you want as your friend. She’s a normal person like us, for starters. Actually, no, she’s totally bonkers, but in a “I have an awesome bonkers friend” kind of way. She’s also very very tall. And she talks straight to camera (which I love), you know breaking the fourth wall. Ok so she’s not normal, but she’s awesome and you’ll wish she was your friend by the end of it. And you’ll be seriously cheering for her when it comes to Gary (the bloke she fancies the pants off).

And last by no means least, a little nod to American comedy – Modern Family!! You all know it already, I imagine? It’s AWESOME!! Who’s your favourite? Anyone else for Phil Dunphy?

“Why The Face” *rolls around laughing*

Hit me up with your own comedic favourite!


10 thoughts on “M is for Merchant, Mighty, Miranda, and Modern (of the Stephen, Boosh, Hart and Family varieties, respectively)

  1. I love the British humour.
    Keeping Up Appearances comes to mind (an old British sitcom). I don’t know if you’re familiar with it.
    I also love Two and a Half Men (the original cast) and a host of other shows… have to confess that I’m not familiar with the ones you’ve mentioned above… 🙂


  2. I’ve seen the Lip Sync battle before, but it’s so funny I had to watch it again. Modern Family is one of the few shows that I watch routinely. I’m not sure which character is my favorite. It’s a toss up between Phil, Cam and Gloria. I haven’t seen the Mighty Boosh or Miranda but I’m an American. Let me rephrase that, I’m a Texan (Americans who don’t live in Texas will get that) 😉 Thanks for introducing me to the British comedies. What a fun post!


    • What does that mean that you’re a Texan? No bbc America for you? Mighty boosh and miranda are both quite niche shows, quite a few pple in the uk won’t have seen them either.
      With you on Gloria too, I just love how awkward Phil is. I saw him in a serious film the other day (Black Hawk Down) and was like, no no no, this is all wrong! I don’t think I could ever take him seriously


      • That’s funny that you mention that because I saw Black Hawk Down recently too. My husband and I looked at each other and said, “What? Wait, no. That’s Phil!”


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