On Librocubicularists – are you one?

Are you a Librocubicularist? I know I certainly am!
Nothing nicer than a lazy lie in with a book or a bit of a read before going to sleep! But also – I LOVE that the word Librocubicularis exists. It makes me extremely happy, and proves the immense awesomeness of the English language. Oh and I checked-  there isn’t an equivalent for people who read whilst in the bathroom (a shame as that would have been pretty funny!)


24 thoughts on “On Librocubicularists – are you one?

    • Haha – there is no such thing as too much information on this blog. Feel free to talk about all your bodily functions!

      Actually, maybe not. That would be….weird.

      But yes to reading books in bed and in the bathroom (whoever says they’ve never done it is lying I think. My grandparents have a toilet that is floor to ceiling with books and magazine. Used to be my favourite room as a child 😉 )


    • Yes! you multi purpose Librocubicularist! I have read in all three places too. I feel like there should be a new form of planking created – except that instead people are reading books in random spots. Now that would be hilarious!


  1. Yes I am! I’d never heard of the word before, but I love it. Now we need to make a word for the other. How about librotoileticularist? I guess that would be libroloocularist for those of you in England. 😉


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