Today K is for….Kitties!….

Check out the new layout! You like? The background is a photo I took in Man Mo Temple, in Hong Kong, here is the full one below.


Since I had to spent a LONG time figuring out all the changes I made to the blog (CSS is NOT my friend) I am already all blogged out, before having even written a word. Also yesterday’s post was pretty long and intense so to balance it out, here are kitties!

IMG_0842We have two, Blue Cat and Green Cat. Not Blue and Green, mind you – Blue Cat and Green Cat. If you don’t call them by their full names, they will ignore you…in exactly the same way as they do when they are called by anything else. So yeah. Consider yourself warned.

Their last owners left them behind when they moved from Hong Kong, in what can only be described as a shoe box masquerading as a cat hotel.  The poor things had just about enough room to turn around and that was it. There was nowhere else for them to go. So of course we rescued them. Best decision we ever made – they are the most affectionate and hilarious little things.

Their original names are Indy and Leo, but since we didn’t know which was which, we called them Blue Cat and Green Cat after the colour of their collars – until we had proper names sorted. That was a year ago…..We actually found that nothing else suited them quite as well as Blue Cat and Green cat, so those two names stuck.

They started their time with us by continuously climbing into my underwear draw and sleeping in it. Which was *less* than ideal although it was hilarious to open the drawer in the morning and find a cat in there looking back at me as if to say “Yes? You’re kind of disturbing me, can I help you?”.

Then they graduated to sleeping atop the clean laundry.

IMG_0894They are however very supportive of my writing, always getting involved  by plopping themselves down on the keyboard or on my arm (always the right one for some reason). Typing as the bloodflow to your hand is slowly cut off is quite a challenge!


If they don’t get to lay on my arm, under it works too:
IMG_1429And these photos are just because – cat tummies!


IMG_1156I’m off to watch The Princess Bride because I haven’t watched it quite enough yet – there might be a line or two that I have yet to memorise. Have a lovely Saturday 🙂


34 thoughts on “Today K is for….Kitties!….

    • Oh don’t get me wrong – I’d have a dog in a heartbeat if I could (springer spaniel or beagle) but it’s not fair to have a dog in Hong Kong, with the heat, humidity, the cramped appartments….However the *second* we are back in Europe I plan on getting a dog. 🙂

      What dog have you got?


    • Oh wow, that’s awesome that you lived in Hong Kong back in the nineties – it must be so different now compared to then, have you gone back?

      And yes, the cats are very cuddly and very involved. I like to grumble about it, but actually I love it 😉


      • My cat tends to climb onto my bead table as soon as I start to make piece! I have to throw one for her to get her to jump down! Yes HK will be completely different now, we went back in 2003 but not since. My local knowledge wouldn’t get me very far these days!


      • Oh haha, that could get quite messy with the beads! At least with writing there’s only so much mess they can make.

        It’s funny isn’t it how they like to get involved with your stuff. I find that if I leave a cardigan on the sofa, they will automatically go and lie on top of it (the same goes for handbags etc.

        How long did you live in HK for? We’ve been here for 3 years now, and we’re loving it. We’ll be here a little while longer I think…..


      • They do sometimes although one always gets tired of the play before the other one. It’s funny to see one of them still into the chase or whatever they are doing and the other is like “Yeah, no. I’m done.”


      • Yeah, that happens with my cats too – and then at that point one of the them starts a fight. It’s funny how they can be fighting one minute and then snuggle to each other for a cuddle the next…..


  1. You rescued them — of course they want to stay close to you. They sit on your stuff because it’s YOUR stuff. The photo of both of the cats sitting on your arm is especially adorable, how they want to be right there.


  2. Your cats are so cute! So, “Cat” is like their surname? LOL I’ve got several black cats but each of them have different physical characteristics. The first black cat that I got is Bob who is half-persian hence very furry and who is actually female. Then I got a second black cat, who has long legs and a third black cat who is really petite. In the end, I decided that all my black cats would have the surname Bob so the first cat is Furry Bob, the second is Tall Bob and the third is Small Bob LOL Great entertainment!


    • Yeah, I guess “Cat” is like their surname. Not a very inventive one though!

      I love it that you called your female cat Bob! 😉 Those names sound like they should be characters in a comedy movie, like The Big Lebowski or something.


  3. My dream was to raise a cat with an ugly squashed face and a big, sweet dog.

    Then I found out I was allergic to cats. Sigh. We can only dream, huh?


  4. Celine, your cats look lovely! Happy and affectionate, that’s wonderful! We have the one cat you saw on my blog (, who is around ten or twelve years old now, and a three-year-old chihuahua who pushes the cat around the floor like a dustmop! Poor Amelia, she just lays there and takes being pushed around the floor by Puppy, looking up at us like, “Are y’all gonna just sit there and watch this AGAIN?!”

    I’ve never been to Hong Kong, but I’ve lived in Germany and also in Holland, when I was a kid. If I ever got back there, to either place, I’m sure I wouldn’t recognize either one.


    • They are very affectionate, lovely little cats. I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

      It sounds like your puppy and Amelia get along well which is great! I’d love to have a dog one day (not fair to have one in Hong Kong though since lack of outdoor space) – I don’t know how well the cats would take it to have a dog in their midst!

      Do you speak German from your time in Germany? or Dutch?


  5. Hi Celine – going to stroll leisurely through the A to Z posts of my blogging buddies I met towards the end of the Challenge. Blue Cat and Green Cat are so cute, and -surprise- i just finished an email to my friend to tell her I haven’t yet watched Princess Bride ( which she loaned me because I’ve never seen it) then I read about you watching it. It’s a sign – i must watch it tonight !!


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