On India (Ok Mumbai. But I have another M post ready so am playing it fast and loose with the rules)

I visited Mumbai recently, which was an incredible experience, I got some great photos (I hope you agree, or this could be quite awkward….)

The Dhobi Ghat in particular was fascinating and I’m actually planning on using something like it in a story I’m working on.

The Dhobi Ghat is like Mumbai’s washing machine, the people there wash everything by hand, from hospital scrubs (not sure how sterile that is) to garnments just out of the factory, to private individuals’ clothes. The water is heated in these big metal drumbs balanced over little fire pits. It was hot, cavernous, smokey – and incredibly atmospheric. It was late in the day so the sun was low and the light was golden….



DSC_0245This is where they  heated the water in the metal drums. With the light coming in through the roof it was very dramatic!



Kids running amongst freshly laundered shirts


Sorting out through some Sarees


A pile of still steaming Sarees

That said, it was very sad to see the conditions the people lived in. This isn’t a slum, but it’s very very basic. It puts into context just how lucky we all are. The tour guide assured me that the fee for the tour would go towards the community so I paid a bit extra to make a contribution – but who knows whether he was telling the truth!


The Elephanta Caves


Victoria Terminus


A local bookshop – what a great way to browse for books! It was like a maze in there.


Kids posing when they saw my camera


A stand at the Choor Bazaar, tended by…. a goat!


The Gateway of India

The Gateway of India was built by the English so that when they arrived by boat it would be the first thing they saw on their arrival. Here’s the photo in full below.


The Gateway of India

And finally what must be the most dangerous and precarious way to move a wardrobe out of someone’s house EVER. And yet they managed it without anyone getting hurt.






Hope you enjoyed this little tour of Mumbai!


21 thoughts on “On India (Ok Mumbai. But I have another M post ready so am playing it fast and loose with the rules)

    • Thank you Rosie! I don’t know what it is, the dork in me breaks out into a sweat at the thought of breaking any rules – even something as informal as A to Z, haha.

      Glad you enjoyed the photos.


  1. I’ve long wanted to go to India. I’ve been in love with Indian food, religions, and music since my early teens. The city I’d most like to visit is Vrindivan, where Krishna grew up.


    • Do you know the food was probably one of the biggest revelations for me. I’ve never been a fan of Indian food but what we ate there was a world away from the stuff that is served up in the UK (or in Hong Kong for that matter). The diversity and the flavours completely blew me away!

      I haven’t heard of Vrindivan, it sounds like it would be a really interesting place though!


  2. Mumbai is a very dynamic city and am sure you have been surprised by the revelations it has offered you in its different colours. The glamour and glitz exists cohesively with the Mundane, the rich and poor on the same road and its never ceases to throw up new lights on a thing called ” life ” . Hope you are enjoying your trip here !


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