On Alphabet And Writing Challenges

I love a challenge, I really do. If someone organises a competition or challenge of any kind, I’m like the annoying hyperactive kid that wants to jump all over it. Which is why for the month of April, I’ve signed myself up for Camp NaNoWriMo (this will my very first NaNoWriMo effort) and for the A to Z blogging challenge too.

Because having a social life beyond writing is clearly overrated (side note: when I first wrote this, I wrote ‘overwriting’. It sounded very philosophical, although I can’t quite make sense of it: ‘Life beyond writing is nothing if not overwriting’. I feel like it should be printed on a mug and handed out to writers.)

I’m sure everyone knows about Camp NaNoWriMo,but if not click here to find out more.

The A to Z challenge is a simple concept, 26 letters of the alphabet, 26 daily posts (except for Sundays – there is rest for the wicked it seems), each about a topic starting with the next letter in the alphabet (hence the name A to Z). You can go here if you want to take part.

In other news I have bought myself a new notepad and new pen to mark the start of both challenges (because who doesn’t celebrate with  new stationary!? Yes, my life is just that exciting right now). Oh, they’re both Muji since you ask. I’m going through a Muji phase, I have wet dreams of a completely white and minimalist writing studio, complete with clear plastic/perspex/lucite (I’ve never known the difference) pen holders and various other stationary organisers (you know the things with the little drawers, and boxes, and a tray in which to place my printed manuscript whilst I’m ‘resting’ it. Oh my god, getting excited at the thought of this all over again). The reality is of course the end of the dinner table, and a rat’s nest mess of papers. Never mind.

But I digress. If you’re popping by from NaNoWriMo or from A to Z (or from anywhere else!) come say hi, I’m having the best time virtually meeting fellow writers/bloggers, it’s always so nice to hear from new peeps! Looking forward to hearing all about everyone’s month of April, it seems like it will be just full of creativity and fun!

See you for my first ‘A’ post!



4 thoughts on “On Alphabet And Writing Challenges

  1. Goodness – two challenges! I’m doing the A to Z on one of my blogs. I’m starting my second book today too – coincidentally. Darn, should I sign up for the namowrimo! It’s 50,000 words isn’t it? Might I combust?


    • Oh good luck with the new book! New beginnings are always so exciting.

      With Camp NaNoWriMo you set your own word counts – so you can do as much as you can manage in that month. Could be the perfect way for you to start your book, I find being accountable and having targets makes such a difference…


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