On Rabbit Holes And The Birth Of This Blog

I was reading one of the many (many, many, many) articles on the importance for writers of having a blog, a website, and so I thought, heck, I’ll give it a quick look. Actually that’s a lie. I have had a look at blogs before and have left a slew of them in my wake, never managing to stick it out for any decent length of time. Mainly, I could never wrestle Blogger into something that I thought looked good and so I had decided a while ago that it wasn’t me, it was the blogs, they Just Weren’t That Into Me.

And then I found WordPress. So I figured, once more unto the breach – I’ll give blogging another go.

If you haven’t tried setting up a WordPress blog/website before, a word of caution. WordPress is like the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland, except that deep inside the rabbit hole is a huge, huge, HUGE vacuum cleaner, so that when you wander past the rabbit hole, and out of curiosity stick your head in to see what’s going on, the hoover sucks you right in before you have time to react.

Of course there’s that *slightly* awkward moment when your arse gets stuck because the rabbit hole is a little too narrow, and that’s embarrassing for everyone, but soon enough the power of the WordPress vacuum gets you, oversized arse and all, and you are lost within its vast labyrinth of dials, options, HTML code, shiny button and endless design templates.

When it finally spits you back out (or in my case when my husband finally wrenched me away from the computer) you are left bewildered, feeling a little used but also strangely satisfied, and wanting more.

I wasted a whole weekend on this bad boy. Do you like it?

Yes, I know it’s a long time for what is a *very* simple website, don’t mock me. I’m easily distracted and the endless options when it comes to blog templates alone threatened to blow my tiny mind. I had to try them all. I’m still not sure that this is very moi, so I might indulge in random template changes, like a diva changing outfits throughout the course of a day. Because, as L’Oreal says, I’m worth it.

Anyway, so far I’m enjoying blogging again, all two posts of it. Let’s see how far I can take this one.

More wine, Vicar?


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